August 31, 2012

Music as Art: Sunday Jazz Jam & Grand Stafford Theater

Greg Tivis' Jazz Jam is the First Sunday of every month at Downtown Uncorked.

Music As Art

Stories by Allison Kendall / Photos by Crystal Littrell & JP Beato III

First Sunday Jazz Jam

Live music: it’s more personal, more in your face, more pulse-throbbing than anything your iPod or MP3 player can manage. The Bryan/College Station area has experienced a flood of new live music venues including Luigi’s, Veritas, and Downtown Uncorked. First Sunday Jazz Jam, founded by professional musician Greg Tivis, is everything Bryan/College Station. It’s your grandfather, your father, and your neighbor, even your kids, all coming together to play – and enjoy – great music.

How did the First Sunday Jazz Jam come to be?

Tivis says he noticed the influx of live musician jazz jams to the area, but also noticed that most didn’t see long-term success. “The jazz jams that I’ve seen were a weekly jam, and played mostly modern jazz music,” says Tivis. “Modern jazz has a much smaller audience, and weekly sessions are harder to maintain.”

Tivis once played on the Mississippi Queen where he grew to love the feel and sound of New Orleans jazz and got to work with many older musicians. When he moved to Bryan/College Station, he knew he needed to start a jazz jam with the “NOLA” theme. With the opening of Downtown Uncorked in 2009, Tivis had found the perfect venue.

August 31, 2012

Culinary Arts: The gourmet food truck movement has rolled into town

Chefs Heather Taylor, Charles Stover & Tai Lee. Photo by Crystal Littrell & JP Beato III

Chef Tai’s Mobile Bistro

With four gourmet food trucks now rolling around Aggieland, it’s appropriate to begin this story with the chef who has driven this culinary art form from its local launch all the way to “America’s Favorite Food Truck.” Chef Tai Lee recently added a second truck to Chef Tai’s Mobile Bistro operation when Chef Peter Madden decided to sell his food truck to focus on his casual gourmet restaurant in Downtown Bryan. Chef Tai, who also owns Veritas Wine & Bistro, jumped at the opportunity. As the forefather of the local gourmet food truck movement, Chef Tai talks about his both his second gourmet food truck and his plans for the future. 

What are your plans for the second gourmet food truck?

“We are going to have one truck focus more on an $8 to $10 menu that we’ve been running, and the second truck will have more of a $5 to $6 menu. It will be a little more on the casual side.”

The new truck will cater to those looking for quality, well-known foods such as tacos and Angus hamburgers but at a lower price point. “We want to be able to cater to those who say food trucks are supposed to be cheap,” says Chef Tai. “The underserved will now be served. Now we can visit more places and be more fluid between Bryan and College Station.”

How do you feel about competition with new gourmet trucks in this market?

“If there was an apple-to-apple identical menu, then you could hurt yourself,” says Chef Tai. Luckily, all of the local food truck owners are good friends and discuss what type of food they will offer that day so that each menu compliments the other and minimizes overlapping menus.  “We don’t have to torpedo each other’s businesses that way,” says Chef Tai. “The market is still small, so it’s not a problem.”

As the innovator of street cuisine in Bryan/College Station, how are your food truck creations related to your restaurant creations?

“It was an extension of Veritas from the start,” says Chef Tai. “We are using the same ingredients that we use in the restaurant minus the fancy china.” Because there are no servers and lower utilities, the same delectable food served at the Veritas is available at a lower price on the truck. “That’s the whole concept – bring the food to people at a more affordable price – bring gourmet to the street level.”

August 31, 2012

Literary Arts: Chuck Taylor on poetry & Chad Scott on Mic Check and Poetry Slams



















Literary Arts

Stories by Allison Kendall / Photos by Crystal Littrell & JP Beato III

Chuck Taylor is a poet and professor at Texas A&M University. He has written memoirs and novels but is best known for books of poetry including The One True Cat, Like Li-Po Laughing at the Lonely Moon, and his newest work, At the Heart. In a calm and mellifluous voice, he explains the origins of poetry.

Does poetry struggle with popularity? Taylor says he always asks his students to name one popular musician from 100 years ago. They can not. However, Taylor notes they are familiar with Homer and Shakespeare.“Poetry lasts a long time but doesn’t have huge NOW popularity…I’m not sure why. Maybe this is changing gradually with the electronic media that can preserve a whole performance. There's a lot of poetry on YouTube.” 

August 31, 2012

Digital Arts: 10th Annual Red Wasp Film Festival

Photo by Crystal Littrell & JP Beato IIIDigital Arts 

Red Wasp Film Festival

Story by Alejandra Quinones

The 10th Annual Red Wasp Film Festival will be held October 26-27 in Downtown Bryan and is presented by Brazos Progressives. The Festival is accepting submissions in multiple categories through September 14. Krista May, committee member of the Red Wasp Film Festival, explains what film festivals offer.

Tell us about the history of Red Wasp Film Festival. 

“Beginning in 2003, founders Carol and Craig Conlee first held the festival at 7F Lodge in Wellborn. In 2006, Brazos Progressive partnered with the Conlees and the festival moved to Conlee Auctions in Downtown Bryan. The first time it was held at StageCenter was in 2008.” 

Red Wasp: It’s a catchy name. How did that come about? 

May says the first festivals were held out in Wellborn at 7F Lodge during the spring when red wasps filled the air, pestering a lot of the guests, and Carol Conlee decided to make the pests part of the festival. “She swears that though the wasps are still present in the spring, they don’t bother her any more.” 

What is the purpose of the Red Wasp Film Festival? 

“The whole reason that it started was because there were people here that were interested in independent film specifically. There are artists that don’t have corporate backing for their films or that just don’t want to have to make any sacrifices for their art, as do many film makers backed by studios. There was a huge demographic of people that were interested in them and the film making technology is so much more accessible now that you don’t need a huge budget to tell your story. This festival gives the film makers a place where they can show their work, for free (there is no submission fee) and where they can get direct feedback from their audience.”

What are the criteria for the films to be chosen for screening? 

August 31, 2012

Digital Arts: Donny Hall on LA, rap videos and life in Bryan

See Donny Hall’s work at Digital Arts

Story by Alejandra Quinones 

Donny Hall: “I’m almost the result of coffee shops and weird stuff you find on the internet.”   

They said that in my sleep I was screaming, ‘I want to do film!’” recalls Donny Hall, a freelance editor and director of photography who lives in Bryan and works nationally on commercials, films and music videos. He had been in Houston working on a video with friends when he shouted from slumber, and 10 years later, it’s safe to say that dream became a reality. Hall’s most recent award came in 2011 contributing effects work for Tyler the Creator’s “Yonkers” video that was nominated for an MTV VMA award. MTV Jams offers a weekly award called “Jam of the Week;” Hall’s work has contributed to 14. His music video collaborations include Drake, Rick Ross and Akon. Hall talks about the industry and why he is based in Bryan instead of Hollywood.

Is there more you want to do aside from create music videos with some of the biggest recording artists out there?

“I had aspirations to be a big director person...and I was trying to, but I had never experienced enough life. I couldn’t convey emotions properly for things I hadn’t experienced. I didn’t understand heartbreak or love or a real understanding of what it really is to make something happen on your own. It’s important to know reality in order to convey it. I feel like I’ve gotten that experience now, and I want to use that to make my way into film. I do still love working on my music videos though.”

What are music videos to you?

Music videos allow me to collaborate with recording artists and directors to create a world we make together. It’s the synchronization of emotion to music, and when you can you can show things happening to music, I think you can dig into an experience.

August 30, 2012

Brazos Valley Fair & Expo Begins Thursday

Enjoy the ferris wheel and other exciting attractions at the Brazos Valley Fair & Expo from September 6 through September 9.“Finally, it begins!” exclaims Jim Mazurkiewicz of the Brazos Valley Fair & Expo. Mazurkiewicz, a professor with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and director of the Leadership Program, has been a force behind the creation of major local agricultural event since the idea first took shape in 1986. “Before we could have the Fair, we had to have somewhere to have the fair,” explains Mazurkiewicz. When the Fair & Expo finally opens on September 6, it will be due to the hard work of many: the Commissioner’s Court; County Judges Al Jones, Randy Sims and Duane Peter; Jim McCord of United Way of the Brazos Valley; Hilton General Manager Barron Hobbs; and many others passionate about agriculture.
August 30, 2012

Kyle House Galleries Grand Opening Friday

The public is invited to the grand reopening of Kyle House Galleries Friday, September 7, 5pm-9pm, during First Friday.Kyle House New Fine Art Gallery & Event Space Open in Downtown Bryan

Every Aggie knows about Kyle Field, home to the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Football team. Every Aggie also needs to know about another historic site – Kyle House – that was the home of Dr. Edwin Kyle, namesake of Aggieland’s beloved Kyle Field football stadium. Kyle House has just reopened as Bryan’s only historic event facility and gallery.

If you have not recently visited the property, then plan to attend the Open House on Friday, September 7, beginning at 5pm. You’ll discover many enhancements.

August 22, 2012

Go Hog Wild at Hog Splash MUDD Volleyball Tournment

Enter or join a team for Hog Splash coming August 25 to Slovacek Sausage in Snook.August in Texas. It’s hot. It’s humid. It’s almost unbearable. Here’s a unique way to cool off from the heat, drink beer, then work it off with some exercise while getting down and dirty for a good cause: Hospice Brazos Valley and Slovacek Sausages’s 2nd annual Hog Splash MUDD Volleyball Tournament.

Who could be more appropriate to co-sponsor a Hog Splash ~ MUDD Volleyball tournament than local purveyors of the popular pork product Slovacek Sausage? Before the heat of the day arrives, 28-plus teams will converge on a pasture behind Slovacek’s Snook location that’s been converted into six MUDD volleyball pits. Into them teams from around the Brazos Valley will roll amid squeals, splashes, sausage and beer … all for a good cause.

 “We had a really, really good time,” enthuses Dr. Scott Lingren, owner of Venus Pest Company, and a player in last year’s inaugural tournament. “The first thing you figure out is the MUDD is a pretty good equalizer. It keeps you from being mobile, so it’s all about strategy and where you put people. It was August so it was super hot, but having the pit of MUDD and water to play in made it bearable – it’s more muddy water. It was like a big outdoor party. It was fun!”

Interested in playing but don’t have enough people for an entire team of 10? No worries. This year, Hospice Brazos Valley will match single players with teams in need of extra mudders.

August 15, 2012

KOOZA by Cirque du Soleil a Great End-of-Summer Getaway

A limited number of 40 percent discount tickets for KOOZA are available for performances on August 28-30 and September 5-7.Three additional dates in September have been […]
August 14, 2012

‘Night Out in B/CS’ to benefit Bachmann & Northcliffe Family Funds

“A Night Out in B/CS” is being coordinated by local community members in conjunction with the men of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity at Texas A&M University. […]
August 13, 2012

Brand Leveraging: A Strategic Overview of the SEC Move

With Texas A&M University’s move to the SEC comes both challenges and opportunities. Jason D. Cook, vice president of marketing and communication at Texas A&M University, […]
August 7, 2012

Brazos County Sheriff’s Office Wants Women to Stay SHARP

Register now for a free Sexual Assault Prevention class provided by the Brazos County Sheriff’s office.August 15-16, the Brazos County Sherrif’s Office will present SHARP, a […]
August 6, 2012

America’s Favorite Launches 2nd Food Truck

Truck #2 will feature a lower price point on menu items with the same quality and service.

Today, Chef Tai Lee will officially launch his Gourmet Mobile Food Truck Number Two. The second truck will offer a menu at a lower price point and carry a more traditional menu than his Original Mobile Gourmet Food truck while still maintaining the quality and originality that earned the title of America's Favorite Food Truck. 

As he rolls out his new 2nd truck, Chef Tai will also roll out 8-10 specialty menu items on the Original Food Truck that will rotate as the featured menu of the week instead of the 12 static menu items and five special feature menus of the past year.

In reassuring his food fan base, Chef Tai explains that while people's favorite dishes may not always be featured on the Original Food Truck, fans will have the opportunity to try something new and keep their diet fresh. 

The new truck will feature 5-6 specialty menu items in rotation, and truck Number Two will also feature a different pricing point and menu packaging than the Original Food Truck. Chef Tai is quick to reassure that both trucks will use the same quality and care on their products but notes that he has differentiated the menu ingredients and portion sizes to keep the price point at a $5-$6 range on Truck #2 compared to the Original Truck's $8-$10 range.

August 6, 2012

Get Involved In Public Service With Citizen Academies

Bryan Fire Department Citizen Academy Ever wonder what it is like to rush into a burning building? Curious about extrication techniques? Or have you always wanted […]
July 30, 2012

Chappell Hill Lavender & Wine Festival

Think about everything you have to do this week. Now, slowly, calmly, get up, gather your family together – and run away from it. This year’s 7th Annual Lavender & Wine Fest hosted by Chappell Hill Lavender Farm and Windy Winery demands only that its participants relax and enjoy the countryside on the short 45-minute drive over from Bryan/College Station. The two venues are located about 14 miles apart.

Activities are unique to each location with visitors’ first stop at Chappell Hill Lavender Farm to cut their own fresh lavender. Then come demonstrations of what can be done with freshly cut lavender.

“We also have a flower pounding station where you can bring your lavender or flowers from your own garden and Laurie Nelson will be    demonstrating how to make lavender woven baskets,” says Debbie McDowell, co-founder of Chappell Hill Lavender Farm.