August 7, 2012

Brazos County Sheriff’s Office Wants Women to Stay SHARP

Register now for a free Sexual Assault Prevention class provided by the Brazos County Sheriff’s office.August 15-16, the Brazos County Sherrif’s Office will present SHARP, a […]
August 6, 2012

America’s Favorite Launches 2nd Food Truck

Truck #2 will feature a lower price point on menu items with the same quality and service.

Today, Chef Tai Lee will officially launch his Gourmet Mobile Food Truck Number Two. The second truck will offer a menu at a lower price point and carry a more traditional menu than his Original Mobile Gourmet Food truck while still maintaining the quality and originality that earned the title of America's Favorite Food Truck. 

As he rolls out his new 2nd truck, Chef Tai will also roll out 8-10 specialty menu items on the Original Food Truck that will rotate as the featured menu of the week instead of the 12 static menu items and five special feature menus of the past year.

In reassuring his food fan base, Chef Tai explains that while people's favorite dishes may not always be featured on the Original Food Truck, fans will have the opportunity to try something new and keep their diet fresh. 

The new truck will feature 5-6 specialty menu items in rotation, and truck Number Two will also feature a different pricing point and menu packaging than the Original Food Truck. Chef Tai is quick to reassure that both trucks will use the same quality and care on their products but notes that he has differentiated the menu ingredients and portion sizes to keep the price point at a $5-$6 range on Truck #2 compared to the Original Truck's $8-$10 range.

August 6, 2012

Get Involved In Public Service With Citizen Academies

Bryan Fire Department Citizen Academy Ever wonder what it is like to rush into a burning building? Curious about extrication techniques? Or have you always wanted […]
July 30, 2012

Chappell Hill Lavender & Wine Festival

Think about everything you have to do this week. Now, slowly, calmly, get up, gather your family together – and run away from it. This year’s 7th Annual Lavender & Wine Fest hosted by Chappell Hill Lavender Farm and Windy Winery demands only that its participants relax and enjoy the countryside on the short 45-minute drive over from Bryan/College Station. The two venues are located about 14 miles apart.

Activities are unique to each location with visitors’ first stop at Chappell Hill Lavender Farm to cut their own fresh lavender. Then come demonstrations of what can be done with freshly cut lavender.

“We also have a flower pounding station where you can bring your lavender or flowers from your own garden and Laurie Nelson will be    demonstrating how to make lavender woven baskets,” says Debbie McDowell, co-founder of Chappell Hill Lavender Farm.

July 30, 2012

Color Your World Blue at Navasota Blues Fest

Navasota Blues Fest will be held August 10-11 at the Grimes County Expo Center.“There’s a lot of shades of blues,” muses Texas Johnny Boy, who will bring his own distinctive shade to this year’s Navasota Blues Fest. “There isn’t just one color of blues, there are endless shades and [the festival] is going to have a bunch of it,” he says, looking forward to his third return to this annual August celebration of the musical art form.

Texas Johnny Boy, also known as John Moschioni, is a seasoned blues veteran and self-proclaimed “bluesician.”

 “When you’ve played at several festivals all around the country, you have a pretty good scope about what festivals are like,” says Moschioni. “I think the Navasoata Blues Festival is wide open for a tremendous amount of growth.”

If the name Mance Lipscomb isn’t familiar to you before the Blues Fest, it will be after you’ve sat among the long tables at the Expo Center in Navasota where people will be relaxing, munching on food, and soaking up every shade of blues in the musical rainbow.

July 23, 2012

It’s Harvest Festival time at Messina Hof

Harvest celebrations continue at Messina Hof through August. The 2012 Harvest Festival is in full swing at Messina Hof offering weekends filled with grape picking, stomping, tours, tasting, and more. The festival continues through the third weekend of August with special dinners held on Friday and Saturday nights. 

Every Saturday and Sunday throughout Harvest:

Beginning bright and early at 8:00am, you and your group will be sent into the Messina Hof vineyard – picking grapes to be used in Messina Hof’s award-winning port. And be sure to warm up those pipes, as your group may even commence in Sicilian song.  

Afterward, groups partake in grape stomping and will be given their very own souvenir to take home: a Messina Hof t-shirt stamped with their individual purple grape-stained footprints. 

After a “hard” morning’s work, enjoy a luncheon from the chefs of The Vintage House Restaurant. Messina Hof’s trademarked “Texas Vineyard Cuisine” includes hand-cut meats, vegetables, and herbs picked from their own garden, paired with Messina Hof’s unparalleled wines that will really put the cherry, or grape, on top of a wine-filled day.  

July 19, 2012

At the Root of Philanthropy

At its greek root, the word PHILANTHROPY means loving humanity. When people ask for “support” or “donations” for charity, what they really are asking for is […]
July 19, 2012

Jewels In Our Community: Denise Fries

On May 2, Denise Fries turned 50 years old. She celebrated by inviting representatives from the 21 local charities that had applied and been accepted to receive a matching grant to a birthday party at The Garden District, home of Fries Financial Services.

 At the party, Denise  handed out wrapped gifts containing certificates for a total of $70,000 in matching grants. When the charities complete their fundraisers to receive the match,  $50,000 of the matching grants will be funded by Fries Financial Services with an additional $20,000 donated by one of her clients who served on the charity selection committee and asked to remain anonymous.

Almost exactly one month after the birthday party, Denise attended another community event, only this time she was handed a gift – a trophy that recognized Fries Financial Services as the fastest growing small business in the 2012 Bryan Rotary Newman 10 Business Performance competition.

The award noted that Fries Financial Services recorded 183% percent sales growth from 2009 through 2011 to earn the award.

Donating $50,000 and then winning top honors for business performance in the span of a few weeks was no fluke.

The 27-year history of Fries Financial Services is a yin and yang of business growth and commitment to philanthropy; over the years, Denise’s twin goals have served to strengthen one another.

July 19, 2012

Denise Fries 50th Birthday Nonprofit Grant Recipients

The following charities will receive matching grants after holding fundraisers over the summer to generate funds equal to or exceeding the Fries grant. A final party will be held at 3 p.m. on August 8 at Fries Financial Services, and the final matching grant results will be announced.

For more information on how you can support these nonprofits with their fundraising, contact the Community Foundation of the Brazos Valley, (979) 589-4305 or visit

Achievers by Choice

The Navasota-based organization prepares both youth and adults with the social and academic skills needed to graduate high school or earn a GED, and pursue a postsecondary degree.

Aggieland Pregnancy Outreach

A Christian organization that provides support services to women experiencing unplanned pregnancies; promotes Christian parenting by providing outreach to teen parents; and provides adoption services as an alternative.

Boys & Girls Clubs of the Brazos Valley

By providing programs and services that promote and enhance the youth, the Club provides a positive environment in which kids can learn and grow while creating relationships with trained adult professionals.

Brazos Animal Shelter

Provides humane shelter and care for stray and unwanted animals. The numerous services provided are aimed to promote responsible pet ownership and enhance the quality of life for the people and animals in the community.

Brazos Valley Chorale

Provides audiences in the community with high-quality musical performances. With 130 voices, the chorale boasts a wide-range of singers, from college students to retirees, as well as a wide-range of choral literature from classical to contemporary.

July 19, 2012

Jewels In Our Community: David & Julia Gardner

The hundreds of nonprofit organizations that have successfully raised funds by having a raffle or auctioning off a beautiful piece of jewelry donated by David and Julia Gardner of David Gardner’s Jewelers owe a debt of gratitude to a Bible verse and a high school co-op program.

 “It was just serendipity,” says David of his inauspicious start in the jewelry business at the age of 16. It was the end of his junior year at A&M Consolidated High School, and as a co-op student, David needed a job. The Zales jewelry store in the old Manor East Mall had an opening; among his duties was taking jewelry brought into Zales for repair to local jeweler Carl Bussell. Within 18 months, David was a jewelry apprentice for Bussell.

Even then, David was sure his future didn’t include owning a jewelry store in College Station. He had graduated from Texas A&M with degree in marketing intent on pursuing Harvard’s MBA program when he got a call – the owner of a mom and pop jewelry store in Temple had died. Would David move to Temple and train the heirs to keep the business going? David and Julia packed up their young daughter and answered the call.

Photo by Marci Greenbaum, Specialties PhotographyThe Temple job led David to an artist in nearby Salado who was moving from oil abstract painting to working with silver in jewelry and metal artistry. “That’s where I first saw success as an artist,” David recalls of his decision to commit to jewelry designing as a career. The economy was booming in 1983 when the Gardners opened the first David Gardner Jewelers store in College Station, a situation that would change dramatically two years later after the banking and savings and loan industries went bust. They hung on during lean years until their hard work and the Nineties prosperity grew their business into a local market leader.

David and Julia both reference their faith as the guiding force in their lives. When David wants to reference a scripture during this interview at the store, he doesn’t have to wonder if he has a Bible at the store; he just has to find his Bible at the store. It’s well-thumbed, underlined and annotated in inky scrawls, and it looks right at home in David’s hand as he talks about how both their business and their philanthropy changed 10 years ago

July 18, 2012

Saturday: Downtown Bryan Film Festival to Showcase Work by Consol AVP Alumni

 The Palace Theater will be the site of the first Downtown Bryan Film Festival Saturday, July 21, beginning at 6:30pm. The festival will feature work of A&M Consolidated High School Audio Video Production alumni. The program has graduated students to film schools across the nation, beginning the careers of talented filmmakers. Working with the Downtown Bryan Association, Kent Juliff, Madeline Packard, Maurice Vellas, Cody Tatge are among those who served on the Film Festival’s board to help create a showcase event where Brazos Valley residents could see the work of alumni. Tatge explains that while there isn’t a huge film scene in the community, there are many local filmmakers with work worth seeing. Part of the reason the festival was created is to show the community that the filmmakers aren’t just in Los Angeles or New York or even Austin, they are also right here in the Brazos Valley. 

            Two of the program’s most recent graduates, Kent Juliff and Madeline Packard, were looking for a place where they could share the films they have been working on. It will also provide locals with the opportunity to see a different side of the film industry, outside of the movie theater.

            “Film Festivals give people a chance to explore a different side of the big budget Hollywood films,” explains Tatge. “They are usually where the creators of those big budget Hollywood films get their start in the industry.”

July 17, 2012

Down, Set, Hike: Ladies Get in the Game With Chalk Talk

  Proceeds from the July 26 Chalk Talk benefit Pink Alliance, a breast cancer support organization. Whether you’re a casual observer of the game or you’re […]
July 16, 2012

First Friday and ‘The Mousetrap’

It’s First Friday in Downtown Bryan on August 3 and in addition to the usual music, shopping, dining and fun, plan on catching Stagecenter Community Theater’s […]
July 16, 2012

B/CS Chamber’s Community Impact Awards Luncheon

On August 7 beginning at 11:45am at Briarcrest Country Club, you can help celebrate diversity in the Brazos Valley business community. The Bryan/College Station Chamber Community […]
July 10, 2012

Brazos Valley Museum Benefit Takes Flight With Butterfly Release

Pre-purchase a butterfly to release on July 28 to raise funds for the Museum of Natural History’s matching Denise Fries 50th Birthday Celebration.The Brazos Valley Museum […]