Local Singer-Songwriter to be Featured on National TV

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April 4, 2016
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April 5, 2016

Bryan, Texas, singer songwriter Joey McGee and his family will be featured on the second episode of a brand new television series called, “He Shed She Shed” on April 9 at 9pm on FYI Network. The new series celebrates the trend of turning backyard sheds into functional and creative outdoor living spaces. The first episode premiered on Saturday, April 2.

McGee and his wife turned a 60-year-old dilapidated garden shed and chicken coop into a cozy, musically-themed lounge and work space replete with kitchen and full bath. Wayfair, one of the network’s sponsors, donated many of the furnishings that were used in the design.

Rene Graham of LaurelHouse Studios served as both architect and contractor for the renovation, and the project was propelled and aided by a number of local businesses.

Each episode of “He Shed She Shed” follows two homeowners, friends or neighbors in the ultimate male vs. female backyard shed showdown  as they build and design a unique he-shed and she-shed. The series also shows off existing shed renovations from across the country, highlighting the owners and their inspirations in creating their unique outdoor spaces.

Other tricked out sheds featured this season include a rodeo-themed, Old West he-shed that brings the ranch feel indoors, two chic “shed and breakfasts” that the homeowners plan to rent out, a he-shed in Massachusetts for a hockey-fanatic, complete with a backyard ice rink, a futuristic sci-fi themed shed in Houston, and more. Local Architect, Rene Graham, of Laurel House Studio was involved in the construction and filming of the McGee’s shed as well as another shed that was renovated in Austin.

“He Shed She Shed” is produced by Loud TV and Plum Pictures for FYI Network.