Life Hacks: Apps to Improve Your Every Day

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August 11, 2016
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August 11, 2016

By Anne Finch

IMG_1961If you need to accomplish just about anything, whether it be at home, at work, or around town, there’s probably an app for that. These phone applications will help you keep a budget, manage tasks, or just make minor aspects of your everyday life easier!

(iPhone and Google Play)
SuperBetter is a website and app created by Jane McGonigal. SuperBetter invites you to “gameify” and improve your life by using it for just 10 minutes a day. By using the same strategies one might use when playing a game, you can use SuperBetter to learn a new skill, cope with chronic pain or mental illness, overcome anxiety, or deal with any other tough real-life situation. Learn more at

Habitica (iPhone and Android)
Habitica, available first as a website and now as a mobile app, is a video game that helps you improve yourself in real life. It turns all your real-life tasks into monsters you have to fight and conquer. Accomplish goals to level up your in-game avatar, and share progress with friends! Learn more at

Shopkick (iPhone and Android)
Shopkick invites you to “get rewarded with free gift cards for the shopping you already do,” according to its page on the iTunes store. Join more than 19 million other Shopkick users and get rewarded with free gift cards for shopping at participating stores. Use Shopkick when you shop to earn points (or “kicks”) and redeem them for free gift cards of your choice. You can get kicks by just walking into certain stores or by scanning featured items in-store and making purchases with a linked credit card. Learn more at

Buy Me a Pie (iPhone and Android)
Save time and money with this grocery list app, which lets users make a grocery list that is easier to update than a paper list and far less likely to be forgotten at home. The app can be used on a phone or tablet, and is available in free and paid versions. The paid version of the app includes automatic synchronization, so anyone can add or change items on the go using any device. Learn more at

Voxer (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Chrome, Smartwatch)
Voxer is a free messaging app that combines voice, text, photo, and video messaging and works over any 3G, 4G, or wifi network in the world. Voxer’s website cites the app as “the only service that delivers voice live — so it can be listened to immediately — and simultaneously records the message — so it can be listened to later.” Voxer is free, but also offers a premium service that allows for unlimited storage, walkie talkie mode, and more. Learn more at

You Need A Budget  (Web, iPhone, Android)
You Need A Budget uses simple, effective methodology and award-winning software to turn users into “finance superheroes.” The YNAB app includes a hassle-free set-up that runs in the cloud, syncs with your bank, and stays in sync in real time. Learn more at

Forest (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Chrome, Firefox)
If you have trouble focusing on tasks because you can’t put down your phone, Forest offers a simple solution. In Forest, you plant a seed, which will grow into a digital tree in 30 minutes. However, if you leave the app for any reason, like to send a text or check Twitter, your tree will die! Learn more at

CamFind (iPhone and Google Play)
CamFind is a camera-based search engine, allowing you to search for anything by taking a picture with your mobile phone. Features include price comparisons, an address finder, a QR scanner, voice and text search features, and more! Learn more at