Keely & Ritchie Biggs: March 25, 2017

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August 31, 2017
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August 31, 2017

Story By Shelbi LeMeilleur
Photos By Jen Brazeal

Every date Keely and Ritchie Biggs have ever gone on has ended either with family, friends, or both. Their friends and family have always played a huge part in their relationship, especially when it came to their engagement and wedding.

Keely Gibson met Ritchie Biggs in December 2013 while at lunch with a coworker, although Keely says she doesn’t remember interacting much with Ritchie. Ritchie asked time and time again to see Keely a second time, and finally the couple went on a double date shortly after Valentine’s Day in 2014.

“We completely hit it off,” Keely says. “We sang and danced and hit it off like I had known him forever. It was never awkward, never pressured – things just flowed.”

After dating for two and a half years, Ritchie planned the perfect proposal for Keely. The night before he was going to leave town for work, Ritchie took Keely to Madden’s for a date night, with plans to meet friends at the Proudest Monkey at the end of the night. Taking a few detours after dinner, the couple stopped in front of the Queen.

“I look up and the marque says ‘Keely and Ritchie February 20, 2014; Keely and Ritchie July 21, 2016,’ and on the bottom, it says, ‘Will you marry me? – Ritchie,’” Keely says. “And I turn around, and he’s on one knee and I am bawling saying ‘Oh my gosh!’ over and over again.”

The surprise wasn’t over. Friends and family from all over had come to town to celebrate the newly engaged couple. So just like every date before, they ended the night with friends and family.

When the planning started, Keely knew she wanted a spring wedding to schedule around Aggie football and hunting seasons. They opted for an outdoor wedding on March 25 at Brownstone Reserve.

“A lot of our wedding was simple country, but not what the typical simple country has been,” Keely explains.

From the decorations and the cakes to the hair, makeup, and attire, Keely and Ritchie wanted everything to feel natural and simple. She says the planning was surprisingly smooth because there was one driving force behind every decision she made.

“At the end of the day, we knew we were going to get married,” Keely says. “If it’s just Ritchie and me, our preacher, and God, that’s all that matters … as long as we have the key elements, the rest is fluff.”

The day of the wedding went by without a hitch. The weather was perfect, friends and family came from all over the country, the food was wonderful, and the couple was able to profess their love before God and become one. Although comic relief came in the form of a dropped ring, Keely says she wouldn’t change a single thing if she could go back and do it again.

“Best part is that at the end of the day, I got to marry my best friend,” Keely says. “We confide in each other. We do everything together. … He’s my best friend, partner in crime, supporter. We are one together, forever.”

In true Biggs style, the couple ended their wedding day as if it was just another date … with some of their closest friends at Rockies, dancing the night away.

Biggs Vendors

Coordinator Avery Smith
Florist Hallie Morrison
Cake Caked with Love
Catering Firecraft BBQ
DJ/Band Matt Smith
Dress VIP Bridal
Hairdresser Monique Howell
Venue Brownstone Reserve
Rings Grandmother
Photographer Jen Brazeal
Venue Brownstone Reserve