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Story By Hannah Gerken
Photos by Courtney Moore Photography

It was a love story straight from the silver screen on the night Garrett Street proposed to his then-girlfriend Kayla Fritz, presenting her with a journal he had kept throughout their relationship. Under the ruse of being a seven-month anniversary gift, Garrett handed Kayla the journal and asked her to read the bookmarked pages. Those pages recounted the details of their whirlwind romance and led up to the moment of that four-word question – Will you marry me?

“The days he had marked were different days,” says Kayla. “Our first date, our first kiss, the first time he told me he loved me, then the first time I said it back, the first time I made a comment about my house someday being our house, and then I got to a page … and I looked at it and it was dated with that day’s date. Then he grabbed it and said, ‘I’m going to read this one.’ Then he started reading our proposal.”

The love and excitement was carried forward to April 22 when Kayla and Garrett tied the knot on a beautiful day at Broken Arrow Ranch.

Following the tone of the proposal, the couple continued making every moment and decision thoughtful and personal to their story. They placed a lot of emphasis on making the ceremony a very special event. Even in the whirlwind of the day, the ceremony is what Kayla remembers most.

“For us, we wanted people to know this is not just a party or a show,” Kayla explains. “This is really a picture of who Christ is to us and how we want our marriage to display Christ’s love for others.”

The unexpected passing of Kayla’s grandmother only one month before the wedding also brought special meaning to embracing every moment. To commemorate her grandmother, Kayla’s father and sister walked a photo of her down the aisle. Memorabilia from her grandmother’s wedding, a Bible used in all of the weddings on Garrett’s side of the family, and pins to represent missing family members all provide personal touches and helped show the uniting of two families.

The couple opted for a romantic boho chic theme, using blush, rose gold, navy, and other neutral colors to create a simple but beautiful atmosphere.

“We wanted the people to stand out, not the bold colors,” explains Kayla.

While planning a wedding, it can be easy to get caught up in the many opinions from those helping with the event. Kayla advises brides to stay true to themselves.

“I think it’s easy to get caught up in the details in the season of planning that you forget to still date your fiancé,” says Kayla. “You have a lot of opinions all around you, but what matters the most is what the two of you want. Make it a day that reflects you and what you guys are all about. Beat the status quo.”

Kayla and Garrett definitely took their own advice when it came to changing some of the traditional wedding activities. When the father of the bride wasn’t too keen on dancing, they made the father-daughter dance open to all fathers and daughters after beginning the song on their own. Instead of tossing a garter, Garrett threw a disc golf decorated with the words “just do it already” into the hands of a friend they were encouraging to propose to his own girlfriend. Rather than the traditional tossing of a bouquet to women who weren’t married, Kayla invited all women to the floor and tossed a bouquet that broke apart in the air to give each person a silk flower with a poem written by Kayla. The groom’s cake, a chocolate cake with a model Jeep on top, was a representation of how they first met – when Kayla hinted she wanted to go mudding in Garrett’s Jeep to encourage him to make plans with her.  Even a toast from her sister, rapped to the theme song of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” brought a personal feel to the evening.

Full of music, dancing, and memories, it was a night to remember for Kayla, Garrett, and all of their guests. It was a night of love and happiness and Kayla looks back saying, “We loved every minute of it.”

Street Vendors

Venue Broken Arrow Ranch
Photographer Courtney Moore Photography
Floral Post Oak Florist
Food Texas Country Catering
Appetizers Chick-Fil-A
Rentals Party Time Rentals
Bartending Luke’s Bartending
Make-Up Make Up by Sherri Jo
Hair Jordan Bennatt at Fringe Salon
Bridal Gown Georgio’s Bridal
Bridesmaids’ Gowns David’s Bridal
Rehearsal Dinner Abuelo’s
Family Accommodations Arrington House
Bride & Groom Wedding Night Accommodations Abigail’s Tree House
DJ DJ Emanon Prod, Jeremy Crossno
Cake Family Friend, Bonnie Piernot
Rings Hers, Diamond’s Direct;
His, Boundless Bands, Etsy