Get Fit in the New Year: Yoga

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January 6, 2015
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January 13, 2015

Try a new way to get fit in the New Year with yoga. We found three great locations to tap into your inner yogi. 

By Macy Moore 

Yoga Pod

Yoga Pod, located on Rock Prairie in College Station, is redefining the entire concept of yoga. With brightly painted walls and floors and a trickling water wall greeting yogis at the door, yoga seems like less of a workout and more of a fun hobby.

“In an unorthodox way, it’s becoming more orthodox,” says Cliff Latham, the owner of the College Station Yoga Pod. “It helps unify your mind and body to create fitness.” Loving the rigorous workout of boot camps, Latham aimed to fuse the exercise with the focus and ideals of yoga and thus created studio classes combining the both elements.

YogaTone uses the typical poses you’d encounter in a yoga class, such as downward dog and warrior poses, and implements cardio and weights to create a full body workout. “I wanted to create classes that would allow you to do yoga and strength training at the same time,” says Latham. “When you take that class, you don’t have to have two separate workouts. You can do it all at once and truly connect the mind with the body!”

PodBarre is another great class for getting in shape while satisfying your yoga needs. The class centralizes on the core, and helps to sculpt, lengthen, and lean muscles. It tones the arms, legs, thighs, and abdominals all in one class and will have you burning calories the rest of the day.

Don’t be afraid of the class entitled “Yoga for Athletes,” as it isn’t a class full of difficult exercises or cardio, in fact, it’s quite relaxing. The session aims to relax the muscles that tend to knot up for athletes. It helps to prevent injury, recover faster, and enhance performance.

Yoga Pod offers several packages and specials for students and seniors. From dawn until the late hours, classes are offered each day. The Yoga Pod schedule is available online at

Om Grown Yoga & Tea Bar

The quaint environment of Downtown Bryan is rapidly growing, and its newest edition will have you eager to follow through with your resolution to get in shape. Located on the top floor of Century Station, Om Grown Yoga uses the modern elements of yoga with the building’s original 1920’s frame to create a unique studio. “We have six solid instructors, including myself,” says Lexi Alexander, the founder of Om Grown Yoga. “We’re all so different, but we’re staying true in the realm of the traditional yoga practice.”

Classes take place in two separate rooms with dark wood floors and windows looking out over downtown. One room is used for the more delicate classes such as classes for beginners or for seniors looking for a gentler session. The other studio hosts yoga classes for the intermediate or advanced student. A smaller room is also available for private instruction.

Before entering classrooms, you’ll encounter a tea bar complete with handcrafted loose-leaf teas blended by Om Grown’s in-house herbalist. Teas include lavender, chamomile, jasmine, and more. Following each class, everyone is offered a complimentary green tea to complete the session. “You don’t even have to come to do yoga,” Alexander says. “Anyone is welcome to just have some tea and hang out or study.” The tea bar serves to create an environment of community within the yoga studio.

Om Grown Yoga strives to radiate health by calling as a medicinal yoga studio, which sets the organization apart. “The power in breathing is incredible,” says Alexander. “There’s more to it than people want to believe.”

For more information, class schedules, and specials, visit

Yoga in the Gallery

The art of yoga is inspiring. The cohesive blend of breath, body, and consciousness creates a revitalizing workout. Place a yoga class in an art gallery and you double the inspiration. Such a union occurs every Friday morning at the SEAD Gallery in Downtown Bryan.

Facilitated by fitness coach and yoga instructor Susannah McNutt, Yoga in the Gallery offers open space, a room full of art, and a unique approach to fitness.

“We all have issues physically that we need to take care of,” says McNutt. “I can tweak and adjust what the class is going to be like in the moment. It makes it more special.”

Encouraging open communication outside of class, McNutt discusses nutrition and body awareness to keep track of the differences from one class to the next. Classes are held every Friday at 9:30 a.m. in the SEAD Gallery, located in the Federal Building in Downtown Bryan. The first session is free with subsequent sessions offered at $50 for four classes.

“Yoga is for everyone,” says McNutt. “It doesn’t matter if yoga isn’t your main passion as far as fitness goes but if you can incorporate it into your fitness life, you’ll notice it makes it easier. We can all benefit from yoga. My kids do it. My Grandmother does it.”

Surrounded by uplifting artwork, McNutt says, “It just gives you the opportunity to shut everything out and breathe.”

For class sign up and more information, visit