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October 1, 2016
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By Shelbi LeMeilleur

dsc_2635-editMost women are comfortable talking about and seeking out the array of anti-aging options that promise to erase evidence of passing time. What often goes unspoken, and untreated, is one of the most common changes women experience after menopause and as a result of childbirth. Excessive stretching of vaginal tissue is common after childbirth and is a natural part of aging. The accompanying dryness and discomfort, as well as the bladder incontinence many women suffer from, don’t have to be a “natural” part of the aging process anymore.

Vaginal rejuvenation may not be as widely talked about as other anti-aging options, but the doctor who has brought the noninvasive procedure to the Brazos Valley sees it as a way to empower women to take back control of a part of their life that can improve overall sense of wellbeing. Dr. Chloe Ntaimo performs this non-surgical procedure at Empowerment Med in College Station using ThermiVa™, a clinically proven treatment that uses the gentle heating of radio-frequency energy.

While ThermiVa™ has FDA approval for orgasmic dysfunction, Dr. Ntaimo says it also has shown to be effective in treating incontinence and vaginal dryness, as well as helping tighten the vaginal canal and labia. It can improve life for women dealing with incontinence or bladder leakage when exercising or coughing, a common problem associated with aging and after childbirth. Women are candidates for the procedure unless they have severe incontinence. There is no downtime, and it usually takes about three, 45-minute appointments around a month apart to complete treatment. Typically, no anesthesia is required because there is no discomfort during treatment, says Dr. Ntaimo.

“What it uses is radio frequency,” explains Dr. Ntaimo. “Over time, it stimulates the body to produce a healthier collagen.”

Patients have reported both an end to bladder incontinence and an increase in comfort and satisfaction during intimacy, she says.

img_7678Restoring natural collagen is the premise behind another procedure Dr. Ntaimo performs called PRP facial rejuvenation. PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. This facial rejuvenation procedure is also a non-surgical procedure that uses the patient’s own blood to help produce healthier collagen over time.

“With PRP Facial Rejuvenation, we draw your blood and we spin it in a special centrifuge,” Dr. Ntaimo says. “Ours is a double spin technique, which yields a lot of platelets that help to stimulate collagen … it helps to treat fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and just maintaining a healthier look longer. “

Dr. Ntaimo’s medical path has been guided by her desire for her patients to feel the best they can. She knew she wanted to be a doctor for as long as she can remember and is a board certified anesthesiologist. Eventually, she discovered a passion for high-end aesthetic treatments, which she now performs at Empowerment Med in College Station.

ThermiVa™ non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation is unique to her practice in College Station.

Dr. Ntaimo completed her anesthesiology residency at Scott & White in Temple in 2008; she opened Empowerment Med in March 2016.

“I’m really happy to see some of the results we are getting,” she says. In addition to helping patients look and feel younger, treatments such as the ThermiVa™ allow her to empower women in other ways, including by restoring comfort and confidence. “[When I have] a client who hasn’t had an orgasm in so many years because of vaginal dryness, and [after treatment] they say, ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it’s been so many years since I’ve had these results,’ you’ve changed not just that one little thing,” explains Dr. Ntaimo. “You’ve changed that person’s relationship with their spouse. You’ve changed how she feels about herself. That’s not a little thing; that’s a huge thing.”