5 Steps to Keeping a New Year’s Resolution

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January 6, 2012
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January 10, 2012

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If you fall into the category of the estimated 78% of people who make and then break a New Year’s Resolution, psychologists suggest five steps to making it into the winning percentage of people who keep their New Year’s resolution.
Those who planned a series of smaller goals increased their success rate to 35%; following all five of the suggestions below increased success rates to 50%.
The most successful were those who were able to view a slip as just a temporary setback, not the “failure” of their resolution. This year, follow these 5 Steps to Success:

Take baby steps

Work towards your goal knowing that it is the journey that changes you and not a giant
overthrow of your current lifestyle.

2 Be held accountable

Tell someone close to you about your resolution and be honest when you succeed and when you fail.

3 Mark small victories

Let yourself celebrate the small successes by setting benchmarks along the way that ultimately help you achieve the goal.

4 Focus on success

By concentrating on the benefits of success, instead of the downside of failure, you increase your odds of staying with your plan and meeting your ultimate goal.

5 Keep a diary

Being accountable to a written journal of your victories, and missteps, will increase your chances of staying on track with your resolution.