Hopdoddy Opens in College Station

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August 1, 2017
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August 1, 2017

Story by Samantha Gamez
Photos by Hannah Gerken

Hopdoddy Burger Bar opened its doors on July 31 in the new Century Square development. The Austin-based restaurant has menu items unique to this location along with the classics from the original store.

The experience at Hopdoddy begins before you even order your food. The wait staff brings samples of milkshakes to guests waiting in line and takes drink orders. If a person in line reaches the register without receiving a sample, a cowbell is rung and the customer gets a complimentary order of fries with their meal. Throughout your meal, the staff continues to be attentive, asking to refill your drink even though it is a self-serve soft drink restaurant.

Fans of the burger restaurant can purchase favorites such as the Classic Burger or the Magic Shroom. For the more adventurous eaters, the Ahi Tuna Burger is the sandwich to taste. The sushi-grade fish is balanced out with the spice of the honey wasabi and the bite of the pickled ginger.

New additions to the menu include three fried chicken-based sandwiches. The Texas Free Ranger is a piece of fried chicken on top of jalapeno slaw, dill pickle, mayo, and tomato. The breading on the chicken gives the sandwich the perfect amount of crunch and the jalapeno slaw takes the flavor up a notch. Other unique entrees include Hoss’ Hot Chicken sandwich and Y’alls Chicken Salad.


The Ahi Tuna Burger offers a twist on the classic burger for adventurous eaters.

The Texas Free Ranger is unique to the College Station location.

The Impossible is a plant-based burger offering a fresh take on the normal burger patty.








Hopdoddy makes a point to support the local community, and the College Station location is benefiting the Millican Alliance with every purchase of the Goodnight Good Cause burger. For every burger purchased, the Millican Alliance receives one dollar. The Good Cause burger packs huge flavor with the jalapeños, Tillamook cheddar, caramelized onion, hickory smoked barbecue, Sassy Sauce, green leaf lettuce, and tomato.

Sweet potato, Kennebec, and Parmesan Truffle fries can all be paired with delicious sauces to create iconic combinations.

Diners with food allergies or special dietary needs don’t need to worry about sticking to only salads. “We pride ourselves in accommodating most food allergies,” says Erin Fohn, Director of Marketing for Hopdoddy in College Station. All of the fries are gluten free, and any burger patty can be substituted for a veggie burger. Gluten free buns and egg-free buns are also available upon request. The veggie burger options, the Impossible burger and La Bandita burger, are prepared vegetarian but can easily be made vegan. The Impossible burger, from Impossible Foods, has been coined as the “meatless bleeding burger” by the popular media and is only available at Hopdoddy and select locations in New York and California. The plant-based burger tastes exactly like a real burger – you can’t taste the difference.

Stout Chocolate, Red Velvet Cake, and Nutella Chocolate Pretzel are three milkshake options.

Don’t forget to grab a milkshake before heading out the door. The Stout Chocolate shake is made with house-made chocolate sauce and spun using Hopdoddy’s cinnamon vanilla custard recipe.

Hopdoddy business hours are 11am to 10pm Sunday – Thursday, and 11am to 12am Friday – Saturday. Happy Hour is Monday – Friday from 3pm to 6:30pm. Craft drafts, wine, signature sips, fries, and the seasonal burger are all $5.

For more information or to see a menu, visit www.hopdoddy.com.