Dinner Delivered: Local Food Delivery Apps

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By Anne Finch

Do you want to get food from one of your favorite restaurants, but don’t want to bother leaving your house and driving around town to pick it up? More and more apps and websites are popping up that do the work for you. The Insite office tested two delivery apps, Favor and Order Up, from our office in Bryan, and I tested the AggieFood.com service from my home in College Station.

Of the delivery services tested, Favor was the only one available solely as an app without the option of ordering online. Although there were items missing from the restaurants’ menus through the app, Favor lets you add text to your selection in case you need to customize orders or request something that isn’t on the menu Favor provides.

Favor gives you a checklist of the different steps in the ordering process: “Ordered,” “Running,” “At Store,” “Has Items,” and “At House,” and each step will be marked with a check as it is completed. Our runner texted me multiple times while completing the run to clarify parts of my order and to let me know when he was arriving with the food. If you don’t want people you don’t know to be able to text you, keep that in mind when considering whether or not you want to use this app.

Favor is available for iPhone and Android. For more information on this app, visit the iTunes or Google Play app stores or www.favordelivery.com.

Order Up
Order Up gives users the option of downloading their mobile app or ordering online. It has a variety of restaurants in the Bryan/College Station area, but options are more limited in Bryan and didn’t always have the restaurants’ full menus.

Although navigating the actual ordering process in Order Up can pose a bit of a hassle, the app’s service was fast and efficient. Like Favor, the app gives you multiple ways to contact your delivery driver and have them contact you for clarification.

Order Up sends notifications every time your order reaches the next stage in the delivery process, and also has a GPS tracker that lets you see on a map where exactly your food and driver are.

Although our driver delivered our food with speed and efficiency, Order Up’s website notes that sometimes their drivers will have multiple orders to complete at once and make stops on their way to your location, which could delay your order. However, Order Up does have “order for later” options, which let you schedule a delivery time for your food.

Order Up is available for iPhone and Android. For more information, visit its page on the iTunes or Google Play stores, or www.orderup.com.

AggieFood.com is an app and website specific to B/CS. Because of this, there’s a smaller delivery area. AggieFood couldn’t deliver to the Insite office, so I tested it from my home in College Station. The site is easy to navigate, with space for customizing orders or adding special requests, and also lets you order from multiple restaurants at once. Like Order Up, AggieFood gives you the option of scheduling your delivery.

Compared to the other food delivery services we tried, AggieFood gives you fewer opportunities to follow your order, and doesn’t give you updates on delivery progress. While AggieFood does give you a number to call in case you have a problem or need to cancel your order, it doesn’t let you and your driver interact directly.

While AggieFood is a good option if you’re in the B/CS area and want to try local fare, keep in mind that options are limited and delivery can get pricey. The delivery fee begins at $2.99 if the restaurant is within three miles of where you’re having the food delivered, and increases a dollar for every additional mile. For more information, visit www.AggieFood.com.

The Takeaway
Overall, all of these delivery websites and apps offer a variety of restaurants, options for customizing orders, and friendly and helpful service. Although delivery will almost always take around an hour or more, and your food may not be piping hot once it arrives, it’s nice to get the food you’ve been craving without having to worry about going out and getting it yourself!