Rain, Rain, Go Away: Josh & Shelby

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September 1, 2015
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September 1, 2015

Story by Shayley Swanson

Photos by Pine and Pearl Photography

josh+shelby+1Shelby Storosh and Josh Gadbois met in 2012 through a mutual friend in Virginia. Josh, a native Texan and Texas A&M University graduate, happened to be in Virginia training horses for Ray Sanger, a family friend of Shelby’s.

“Ray came to me and said, ‘Shelby, I have someone you need to meet,’” recalls Shelby, a Virginia native. “So, I met Josh and the rest was history.”


The Proposal

Shelby moved to Texas with Josh in May 2013. Shortly after arriving in Aggieland, Shelby says she knew a certain question was coming. “I had found the ring, and he said he would propose before the end of the year [2013],” says Shelby.

The day of the proposal, Josh was quite distant, explains Shelby. “He wouldn’t let me touch him,” Shelby recalls, laughing. “He had the ring in his pocket.”

josh+shelby+4The special moment came with family gathered around a fire. Josh stood up and began talking about their relationship. “His sister didn’t realize what he was doing,” laughs Shelby. “She kept trying to interrupt and carry on as if it were a normal conversation.”

Josh proposed on December 26, 2013. “It was really great because my family was able to come from Virginia to be there,” says Shelby.

The Planning

When it came to planning the wedding, the Internet, family, and professional experiences were Shelby’s best assets. As the private events director for Pebble Creek Country Club, Shelby says planning the wedding was easy.

“A lot of my ideas came from Pinterest,” says Shelby. “My dad actually cut down a cedar tree and made our cake table. The branches were the table legs and it looked beautiful. It’s now our dining room table.”

Josh was very involved in the planning process. “I didn’t have to force opinions or input from him,” says Shelby. “We are both simple, so it was a fairly stress-free process.”

josh+shelby+5“One of my favorite memories of Josh during the planning was actually at the rehearsal,” says Shelby. When asked to exchange rings during the practice, Josh grabbed the young ring bearer and said, “I give this child!” The stunt elicited spontaneous laughter and a very confused ring bearer. Shelby says it is one of the many memories she’ll never forget.

The Wedding

Shelby and Josh were married on May 9, 2015, at the 7F Lodge in College Station.

With an outdoor wedding venue, and a week of nonstop rain, Shelby remembers hoping the Texas weather would be on her side for the big day. Shelby awoke that morning to rain but by noon, the skies had cleared, and the sun was shining.

Pebble Creek Country Club provided catering for the reception and Nita’s Flowers made the bouquets and flower arrangements. Pine and Pearl Photography captured the entire day.

“I was just so excited. Not even the rain could take away from our day,” says Shelby. “It was perfect.”

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