Christine & Will Childers: May 14, 2017

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Story by Hannah Gerken
Photos by Matthew Rood

From the proposal to the wedding, it has always been double the fun for Christine Paige and Will Childers. The couple met in middle school band when Christine was in 7th grade and Will was in 8th grade. They were each other’s first kiss as a dare from their friends, and dated on and off through high school. Christine and Will got back together at the end of her junior year of high school and the rest is history.

The pattern of having double fun began on Ring Day in Spring 2016 when Christine not only received her Aggie Ring, but an engagement ring as well. Right after getting her Aggie Ring, Will pulled her aside to a nearby fountain. Because he was a member of the Corps of the Cadets, his “buddies” were lined up and waiting to form a saber arch when she said yes.

“It was a really big day for me,” says Christine. “It was very overwhelming. I got one ring and then five minutes later I got the other.”

After setting the date for May 14, the couple started preparing for a classic ceremony and reception—with a twist. Christine’s sister Cherisess and her then-fiancé Terry Holliday had gotten engaged around the same time as Christine and Will. In an effort to simplify travel for extended family and because of the sisters’ close relationship, they decided to have a joint reception.

“Me and Will are very easygoing people and we just figured it would be more of a celebration and a really good time,” Christine says. “And it really was. We have no regrets of doing it. Everyone there was just so excited for all of us.”

The two ceremonies and reception were held at Messina Hof Winery & Resort. Christine and Cherisess had separate ceremonies and the day finished with a giant reception, which Christine remembers as a great big party full of fun and memories. During the reception, both couples took turns completing the traditional activities such as the garter toss, bouquet toss, first dance, and others.

“I wasn’t the little girl who was planning her wedding since I was little,” says Christine. “But the moment I realized I was going to be with Will for the rest of my life, I really started getting excited. So to see it come to fruition was overwhelming, but in a really good way.”

Christine kept things simple for the wedding, allowing the scenic vineyards to serve as a backdrop as they were married under a rose gazebo.

“I was very simple with what I wanted,” says Christine. “It wasn’t very extravagant. It was very subtle with more soft touches of things and not too many decorations. The venue itself was gorgeous with the vineyard right outside.”

Because they were married on Mother’s Day, they decided to include a tribute to their mothers. They also had a moment of silence and a prayer in honor of Will’s older sister who had passed away a few years prior.

She added personal touches and kept costs low with many DIY projects and by ordering off Etsy. She used an Etsy template to create programs that could serve a dual-purpose as a paper fan. They also provided water bottles with a customized logo for guests to have during the ceremony. To showcase the couple’s love of traveling, the guestbook was a world map for guests to sign. As they prepare for a military move to Hawaii, they plan to hang it in their new home to remind them of their wedding day and all of the growing and traveling they will do together.

The personalized ceremony, shared special moments with her sister, and double the party fun made it a night to remember for Christine and Will.

“We just loved being surrounded by our friends and family,” says Christine. “That was what that day was for us. We joke all the time saying ‘Why can’t we get married every weekend?’ It was honestly one of the best days of my life.”

Childers Vendors

Venue Messina Hof Vineyards
Photographer Matthew Rood
Flowers Busy Lil Bee Floral
Bride’s Dress David’s Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses Lulu’s
Officiant Rev. Glenn Coyle
Program Printing Copy Corner
Etsy Shops MyfairGuestBook, KidinvitationCo, Craftysticks, OneFancyDay, CAKETOPPERHOUSE, BellissimoFromItaly, MyDayDesign, LilyRoseWedding
DJ Incredevents
Bartender Just N’ Joy Service and Bartending