February Brazos Reads

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February 2, 2016
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February 2, 2016

By Shelbi LeMeilleur

Bravado! Conquering the Fear of Changing Jobs by Greg Sparks
bravado“Bravado! is a pretentious, swaggering display of courage. You need bravado to fulfill your dreams. You do not have to be afraid anymore. You can do it! I want to encourage you with hope for you to find your dreams and that job you are looking for.” This is how Greg Sparks, author of “Bravado!,” ends every chapter in his inspirational book. “Bravado!” serves as a guide to help make finding a job easier, and provides ways to conquer the fears.

Sparks uses a mixture of techniques to inspire the reader to reach their full potential. He offers a plan of action and steps the reader must take. He provides inspirational quotes and meaningful bible verses throughout each chapter. Sometimes his words are uplifting, while other times, he uses a tough love approach. Each chapter works towards the end goal: finding your dream job. As Sparks often says, it is never too late or too early to reach your full potential. Sparks also provides a list of other books and tools that can be used to help. This book can serve as a helpful guide in your job search, and can inspire you to achieve greatness.

Sparks has two other books available, “Redemption” and “Fire From Heaven.” Each of his three books is available in paperback or as an e-book.

The Body Business by Gay Yellen
the body businessIf you are looking for a quick and compelling read, “The Body Business” is the book for you. Samantha Newman blindly sends an e-mail to the FBI after her best friend has been missing for quite some time, and the company they both work for, De Theret International, seems to play a suspicious role in her disappearance. After asking too many questions, Samantha has wound up on the bad side of her boss, Vinson, and his right-hand lady, E.B., who really has it out for Samantha. The only other person Samantha can count on is her ex, Derek, who quickly becomes entangled in E.B.’s sticky web. Enter Carter Chapman, a dapper FBI consultant with some secrets of his own. Samantha soon finds herself in life-threatening danger, all while trying to sort out her feelings for Carter.

Written by Gay Yellen, and available in paperback or as an e-book, The Body Business is sure to keep you on your toes. It has a good balance of romance, action, intrigue, danger, and corny jokes. A new surprise awaits Samantha and Carter around every corner as they try to uncover the shady side businesses of De Theret International, find Samantha’s missing friend, and juggle an unmistakable attraction for each other. All of the loose-ends and burning questions come to a close in a thrilling climax, and the last chapter leaves the reader hoping for another book, and another adventure.