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February 2, 2018
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By Shelbi LeMeilleur

Deep Ellum: The Other Side of Dallas
By Alan Govenar and Jay Brakefield

You don’t have to be from Dallas to appreciate this well-researched gem about Deep Ellum. Alan Govenar and Jay Brakefield’s novel about “the other side of Dallas” explores everything from blues music and prominent performers to railroads and well-known businesses. Dallas alone has a rich history, but this facet of the metropolitan carries a story of its own and a whole lot of blues.

Texas history aficionados, music lovers, and relative newcomers alike will find something to sink their teeth into in “Deep Ellum: The Other Side of Dallas.” Today, Deep Ellum is known to outsiders for the Deep Ellum Brewing company, as well as their music and arts scene. As Govenar and Brakefield express, Deep Ellum’s roots come from music – especially blues. Musicians like Blind Lemon Jefferson, Buster Smith, Marvin Montgomery, and more all come from Deep Ellum. Music isn’t the only part of Deep Ellum’s history, however. Brakefield and Govenar also explore the cultured history outside of music, relaying stories of the railroads, architecture, pawnbrokers, musicians, and more. You’ll be tapping your toes by the end of it.

The revised edition is available in paperback through the Texas A&M University Press.

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