Brazos Reads: A Sequel to Die For

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August 31, 2017
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"The Body Next Door" continues the story of Samantha as trouble continues to follow her.

By Shelbi LeMeilleur

The Body Next Door by Gay Yellen

“The Body Next Door” continues the story of Samantha as trouble continues to follow her.

It seems like trouble follows Samantha Newman wherever she goes. In Gay Yellen’s debut novel, “The Body Business,” Samantha was caught in the throes of a corrupt business and an FBI investigation regarding her missing best friend. Back again in “The Body Next Door,” Samantha finds herself in the middle of yet another investigation. This time, she is staying in Carter Chapman’s Houston condo while she looks for a new job and a home of her own. One night, Carter’s neighbor Brandy knocks on the door, naked and covered in blood. Brandy’s husband is dead, and she is the main suspect.

Nothing is ever as it seems. Just as in “The Body Business,” Yellen captivates the reader with twists and turns; you won’t be able to predict the outcome. What makes this sequel so fascinating is the fact so much substance is packed into the 274-page book. Not only is there the mystery of who killed Brandy’s husband, but there are questions concerning the status of Carter and Samantha’s relationship. At the end of the first book, they seemed pretty cozy, but at the start of this book, it seems as if Carter is nowhere to be found. Keep reading. As you devour the pages of this book, there is no doubt that Yellen has done it again. Here’s hoping for more.

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