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By Shelbi LeMeilleur

The Helio Trilogy by Valerie Roeseler

Book 1: Midnight Divine
In the first book of The Helio Trilogy we meet Ivy. She’s a college student with a troubled past who loves to drive fast, rock out in a band with her roommate Alice, and is trying not to fall for bad boy Jack, who isn’t all he appears to be. Ivy’s world will soon be flip-turned when she learns more about Jack, her friends, and Ivy’s own past.

In her debut novel, “Midnight Divine,” Valerie Roeseler spins an epic tale revolving around angelic mythology. The Paranormal Urban Fantasy is reminiscent of others in the genre. The action is packed, the body count is high, and the love triangles are complex. Can Ivy control her own fate, or will she be subjected to the destiny laid out by her parents?

Book 2: The Gilded Inferno
When Ivy Harris returns in “The Gilded Inferno” she must face two battles: a war of love and a war between darkness and light. She finds herself in nearly impossible situations as she continues to transition into her true angelic form.

Ivy has to learn to adapt to situations quickly as the war between darkness and light is fast approaching. She wonders if there is a grey area in some matters or if everything really is black and white. On top of that, she wrestles with feelings for two men, loving both equally, but in different ways. How can she love one without hurting the other? How could she ever choose between the two of them since life without one or the other seems impossible? It’s up to Ivy to decide as she prepares for the impending war.

Book 3: Vermillion Horizon
Roeseler’s final book in the trilogy is nonstop action until the last page. Ivy has many difficult choices to make – between darkness and light, and between one love or another – to determine her fate and so much more.

“Vermillion Horizon” follows the pattern of the previous books, with Ivy facing mountains and valleys along with many climaxes and calms before the storm. There is little rest for Ivy and her friends as they prepare for her to fulfill her destiny. Just when they think they are in the clear, another obstacle presents itself. The ending and Ivy’s choices may surprise you, but Roeseler does a great job of tying up all the loose ends and creating a memorable story.

The books in the Helio Trilogy by Valerie Roeseler are available on Amazon as paperback or ebook.

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