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February 3, 2017
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By Shelbi LeMeilleur

Texas Aggies in Vietnam
Edited by Michael Lee Lanning

“Anytime Aggie veterans get together – whether it is two or two hundred of them – war stories begin.” Michael Lee Lanning points this out in the introduction to a collection of war stories he edited, “Texas Aggies in Vietnam.” The collection contains more than 40 war stories from Texas A&M University former students who fought in the Vietnam War. From the beginning, Texas A&M has been represented in every conflict the United States has been involved in, and Vietnam was no exception. Each story gives a small snapshot not only of what the war was like, but also what the Aggie spirit truly means.

Some stories are very brief, while others are a bit more long winded. Many recalled events of the war in great detail, and some provided a general overview. However, what was never lost in each entry is the power and emotion behind the pen. Each person was able to tell his or her own story in a unique way. In fact, Lanning closes his introduction by saying, “There really is only one story to come out of the Vietnam War – we each just tell it differently.”

Each story will transport you to the jungles of Vietnam, the air above, or the time before and after the war. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will reflect. And for those of you who aren’t fluent in military jargon – have no fear! There is a handy glossary at the back to help with everything from a 120-mm rocket to a zippo boat.

“Aggies in Vietnam” is available through the Texas A&M University Press as hard back. Lanning is the author of 16 books on military history, including “The Only War We Had: A Platoon Leader’s Journal of Vietnam.”

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