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October 30, 2017
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October 30, 2017

Cameron Collins, Forensic Interviewer at Scotty’s House, has been commissioned as a “Yellow Rose of Texas” by Governor Greg Abbott. The Yellow Rose of Texas Award is given to women for their significant contributions to their communities. The Award is the highest honor bestowed on women in Texas.

Collins recently celebrated her seventh year with Scotty’s House. She has served in various roles at the agency and has been in her current position since December 2015. As a Forensic Interviewer, Collins works directly with abused children seen at Scotty’s House by providing a safe and neutral environment for these children to disclose the horrors they have endured. Collins came to the agency from Child Protective Services, which prepared her for the many duties she would perform.

“I am truly honored for having been nominated and receiving this prestigious award,” says Collins. “I could not do my job without the amazing people I work with at Scotty’s House, along with our Law Enforcement agencies, Children’s Protective Services, and the District Attorney’s Office. It really takes a collaborative approach to help these children and their families.”

Collins was nominated by Detective Chris Loup from the Bryan Police Department. Loup has worked closely with Collins during her tenure at Scotty’s House.

“I feel her dedication to helping children is admirable, but her style and quality of interviewing children is above par,” says Loupe. “She easily gains rapport with children, even when I think there is no hope. Cameron is able to put the child at ease and gather details needed for a case. She is accommodating to law enforcement and CPS in order to help a child during an emergency. During the past 13 years, I have reviewed forensic interviews from around the country and I can say without a doubt that Cameron is the best interviewer I have seen. Cameron stepped into the Forensic Interviewer role seamlessly, whereas it takes most people many months to feel comfortable in that role.”

Collins is a committed employee who continuously exceeds expectations according to Cary Baker, Executive Director at Scotty’s House.

“Cameron is one of the most dedicated and skilled professionals in the field of child protection,” says Baker. “Her commitment to this community and our children is unparalleled. The fact that she was recognized for her commitment to our organization every day, by peers who have similarly dedicated their skills and efforts to protect the children of this community makes this award even more special.”