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October 1, 2015
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October 1, 2015

stack of books on table in garden with a tea cup on top

stack of books on table in garden with a tea cup on top

By Shelbi LeMeilleur

We’ve highlighted locals authors, new releases, and thrilling reads for the month of October. Get your bookmarks ready!


October’s Thrilling Read

grave+tenderThe Grave Tender by Eliza Maxwell

The smallest towns always hold the biggest secrets and knowledge isn’t always freedom. Hadley Dixon’s life changed drastically at 10 years old, and it has continued to haunt her into her adult life. Her friend disappeared and never came back, her mother sings in the moonlight and dances in flames, and nothing is as it seems on the surface.

Now that Hadley has returned to her hometown as an adult, she seeks to learn the truth about the past, protect her daughter from the demons in town, and learn to live again, even if she is broken.

The Grave Tender will grasp you in its hooks from the beginning as you try to figure out the truth behind each character, because no one is truly what they seem. Sometimes tragedy can bring people together, and sometimes it can pull people apart. Maxwell’s first novel is addicting, easy to read, and hard to put down.

New Releases

rambler+rose-2Rambler Rose by Teri Metcalf

It is incredibly difficult to talk about yourself in a completely raw, truthful manner, which is exactly what Teri Metcalf does in her latest book, Rambler Rose. This memoir explores Metcalf’s life beginning as a young girl through her early adult years.

Metcalf discusses every aspect of her early life, most of which was taboo at the time, and some of which could still be considered controversial today. She speaks openly of her parent’s divorce, her own relationships, sexual assault, race, mental disorders, and more. Metcalf allows us a peek into what may seem like an ordinary life, but is actually much more complicated while allowing the reader to easily relate.

Unlike many cut-and-dry memoirs, Metcalf writes hers to flow more like a story, with rich images and engaging dialogue. Her story is poignant, entertaining, and has something for everyone to enjoy.

The Winchester Undead Series by Dave Lundwinchester+over

Zombies are beginning to overrun the United States (and several other countries), a secret government organization is trying to restart civilization, and Bexar Reed is doing everything he can to survive. All of this and more can be found in the latest installment to the series, Winchester: Quarry, recently released in September.

The real question is: how did we get here? How is it the dead are reanimating and taking over? What means will it take for humanity to survive? For the answer to all of these questions and more, read the first two books in the series, Winchester: Over, and Winchester: Prey.

Dave Lund has taken the zombie apocalypse story to a new level. The main character, Bexar (pronounced “bear”), was ready for the end of the world, but he wasn’t expecting it to include zombies. Bexar, his family, and his closest friends work together to survive, battle zombies, and find other survivors.

The series, which will eventually have six books, is one of the more realistic zombie stories. Packed with military terminology, guns and ammo, real-life survival tips, and the grit of survival, the Winchester Undead series is a must read for anyone and everyone.