Art by Lense: Timothy Douglass

Art by Fire: Steephollow Forgeworks
February 2, 2016
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February 2, 2016

Story By Katie Canales

The Art979 photographs are credited to Tim Douglass of Fidelis Studios. The photographer’s vision for the photo essay morphed a few times before settling on an overarching theme: the origin stories.

“We boiled it down to, ‘Where did you come from? What is the core of who you are?’ and starting from, ‘Where are you now?’” explains Douglass.

For the coordinators of Guerrilla Art Takeover, Tim played on Jeremy Herrera’s middle school habit of getting in trouble with his teachers and Nancy Elliott’s history of teaching art. “When they finally met together, it was kind of like a fortuitous kind of deal. So we did him in a schoolboy uniform, she did the art teacher thing, and they did a collaborative piece,” says Tim.

Tim photographed the family members behind SteepHollow Forgeworks, and says when he asked Carlton Lee who they were Carlton’s answer was “basically family.” Tim recalls Carlton explaining they do family, and they happen to do steelwork outside of that.

When Tim asked makeup artist Leanna Hale where she came from, he says Hale didn’t have an answer for him. “She’s kind of living her origins story right now,” says Tim. For the photoshoot, Hale painted six models with her own artistic vision.

With Felice House, Tim says: “We tried to incorporate the students coming through and have them fading in and out of the image. So it’s like the students are supposed to be representative of all this time that’s passing in and out of her life and this one thing, art, staying.”

Tim and his wife, Kristen, have operated Fidelis Studio Photography for nine years. They are located at 110 N. Bryan in Downtown Bryan and specialize in wedding and engagement photo shoots, as well as other special events. For more information, visit