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September 30, 2016
Magruder Homes
September 30, 2016

With a true passion for construction and a desire to offer an innovative approach to homebuilding, Jason Marek established JMV Custom Homes to offer BCS residents a superior option when it comes to building a custom home. Cognizant and mindful of the difference that high-quality craftsmanship makes in the longevity of a home, Jason’s approach to custom home building involves thorough planning, premium construction materials, and unrivaled quality of construction. He is committed to building homes that are not only beautiful and stylish to the eye, but also exceptionally constructed in a manner that will help each home maintain its value and stand the test of time. Personally overseeing each and every project is another distinction that Jason Marek is extremely proud of. It isn’t about getting the home done – it’s about getting every element exactly right. With his direction and guidance, each of Jason’s homes bears his personal seal of approval, which is something he is very proud to give to his clients. Jason’s love for homebuilding and commitment to unsurpassed quality set him apart and make him one of the best in the business. Contact Jason at (979) 220-8761.