Issues Forum: Texas Wildfire Protection

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July 21, 2015
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July 21, 2015

The year 2011 was unfortunately a record-breaking year for Texas. That year, the state suffered through 31,453 wildfires that burned 4,011,709 acres, destroyed 2,947 homes and tragically took the lives of four fire fighters and six civilians. As part of the state response, Texas A&M Forest Service mobilized 16,691 emergency responders, 986 engines and 255 aircraft from around the nation and worked alongside tens of thousands of local and state firefighters to combat the unprecedented wildfire season. Firefighters fought valiantly and saved nearly 39,000 homes – more than 13 times the number of those destroyed.

Successful evacuation efforts, sound tactical decisions and strategic resource prioritization saved lives in 2011. Much of the groundwork was completed well in advance of the unprecedented fire season. Mark Stanford, Fire Chief at the Texas A&M Forest Service and Associate Director for Forest Resource Protection, will explain the statewide plan for dealing with wildfires, including prevention and incident response. He will show ways to make your own home and family safer from wildfires.

Mark Stanford will provide an Issues Forum lecture Thursday, July 23, at 7pm in the Bush Library and Museum’s orientation theater. A reception in the rotunda will follow Stanford’s talk. The event is free, but seating is limited and reservations are highly recommended. Register at the link below or for more information call (979) 691-4014 or email