Weber Custom Homes, LLC

Southern Creek Homes
September 30, 2016
Chestnut Ridge Homes
September 30, 2016

Weber Custom Homes, LLC was started in early 2009. Mark Weber, president and lead designer, graduated from Texas A&M University in 2007 and stared his career in commercial architecture; he then continued into home building shortly after. After prayerful consideration, Mark and his wife Stephanie decided it was time to start Weber Custom Homes in December 2008. Their goal was to provide a fresh new approach to home building and remodeling in the Brazos Valley. Since then, Mark and Stephanie have been driven to offer unparalleled customer service in all areas of construction and 100 percent customer-desired design. Mark and Stephanie welcomed their first son, William, to their family in January 2010 and their second son, Matthew, in 2013. Their daughter Elizabeth was born in 2016. Mark now proudly serves on the Executive Board of the Greater Brazos Valley Builders Association as President. Visit for more information.