Rewards & Service: Jimmy and Courtney Pitman

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March 31, 2017
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March 31, 2017

By Molly McIntire

DSC_0563Jimmy Pitman is a third generation homebuilder, his knack for home construction passed along from both his father and grandfather.

Since moving back to College Station with his wife Courtney in 2011, Jimmy and Pitman Custom Homes have built more than 150 residences in the Bryan College Station area. Looking back, 2016 was a year of recognition, reward, and also service, and Jimmy Pitman says he owes a debt of gratitude to all the people who made it possible.

“[Pitman Custom Homes] is very fortunate in a lot of ways,” says Pitman. “When I started in the business, the first thing we had were great mentors…we were very fortunate as well, especially as a very young company, to have really incredible customers.”

In 2016, the Greater Brazos Valley Builders Association recognized Pitman Custom Homes as the Builder Member of the Year. That same year, Pitman Custom Homes was recognized as the third fastest-growing Aggie owned company at the 12th Annual Aggie 100 award ceremony.

In June, Pitman Custom Homes was named the fastest growing small business in Brazos County at the 23rd Annual Bryan Rotary 10 Business Performance Awards.

3052-Embers-Loop-CS-TX-10At the same time Pitman was growing his business, he also was growing as a leader within the homebuilding community.

Pitman is the current president of the Greater Brazos Valley Builders Association; he previously served four years as a board member, treasurer, and First vice president. Pitman Custom Homes has been a member of the GBVBA since its start.

“I got sworn in [as GBVBA president] back in January, and it’s been great,” says Pitman. “The relationships that we’ve been able to create and the friendships out of it have been tremendous, and having the ability to directly help protect and serve our industry has been a lot of fun as well.”

The regional outlook for real estate and home improvement remains bright, Pitman says, because of the competition and camaraderie that help the homebuilding community as a whole.

“The pool of people that are in this industry are really making everyone else better,” says Pitman. “You look around this industry and the leaders, the ethics that they portray, are really admirable. It sets an example for everyone else.”