Jiffy Lube Breaks Ground: Aggie Brings Business to B/CS

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By Hannah Gerken

As six golden shovels pushed into the ground, Jiffy Lube celebrated the groundbreaking of its first service center in Bryan College Station. This service center will be located on William D. Fitch Parkway near the H-E-B in South College Station. Jiffy Lube International Inc. currently operates more than 2,100 franchised service centers in North America, servicing more than 21 million customers annually.

Arun Balakrishnan and Steven Ledbetter break ground for Jiffy Lube in College Station.

For Steven Ledbetter, president of Jiffy Lube International Inc., and Arun Balakrishnan, franchisee of B/CS Jiffy Lube, the groundbreaking of this service center is a chance to bring their business back to their roots. Ledbetter graduated from Texas A&M University in 1997.

“Today is a very special day for me,” says Ledbetter. “I’ve been in the [CEO] seat now for six years, and I’ve worked very hard to get our first Jiffy Lube in College Station.”

Balakrishnan is a Bryan native who wanted to branch out of the corporate world and after researching many different options chose Jiffy Lube.

“In six months, come have a jiffy day at Jiffy Lube,” says Balakrishnan. “We really strive for service. It’s not about getting an oil change, it’s about the complete automotive service experience.”

Jiffy Lube offers a wide range of services including transmission services, radiator services, spark plug replacements, lubricants, oil changes, and tune-ups. The goal of Jiffy Lube is to provide 15-minute oil changes from the time of entering and exiting.

“We are on a rapid growth mission,” Ledbetter says. “We think our business has a lot to offer to the country, and this is one of the most intriguing opportunities that we have, not only because of its growth but also because I love coming back here. Texas A&M is a special place for me. Coming back to Aggieland and getting our footprint growing in College Station is really great. I think it’s going to do great things for the business and for the community.”

With construction beginning this week, the projected completion date of the project is December. Eventual plans are for multiple locations of Jiffy Lube to be built in the BCS area.

In the true sense of Aggies helping other Aggies, Ledbetter offers advice to others pursuing a career in business or any career in the professional world.

“A couple of things have always helped me in my career,” says Ledbetter. “Don’t wait for somebody to do something for you. You have to go take the initiative, believe in yourself, and continue to work hard. The other thing would be that most businesses are a people business, not an asset business. They are about relationships and treating people with respect, decency, and honor. And quite honestly, the Aggie Code of Conduct really comes true, which is Aggies do not lie, cheat or steal nor tolerate those who do. That is something that has really stuck with me throughout my career. These four principles, believe in yourself, work hard, don’t take no for an answer, and making sure you have great relationships, are the key to success.”

For more information on services provided by Jiffy Lube, visit www.jiffylube.com.