“The New Jim Crow” Book Discussion

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November 24, 2015
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November 24, 2015

jim crowA local non-profit group, BCS Be The Bridge, is hosting an open book discussion about Michelle Alexander’s book, “The New Jim Crow.” The event will be held December 2 at 2005 Langford St. in College Station at 7:30pm

Due to recent news events, including the hunger strike and football players’ refusal to participate due to hate crimes at the University of Missouri, BCS Be the Bridge is hosting this event to not only address racial discrimination but also the way the government treats minorities. “The New Jim Crow” highlights the racial dimensions of the War on Drugs. It argues that federal drug policy unfairly targets communities of color, keeping millions of young, black men in a cycle of poverty and behind bars

BCS Be the Bridge was founded by a group of pastors’ wives who felt the need for open conversation about racial unity was not being met in their husband’s sermons. This grassroots group aims to create a forum for open dialogue about racial issues in the area and promote greater understanding overall

The open, critical discussion over “The New Jim Crow” will be the first annual book discussion that BCS Be the Bridge will offer for members and the community. This new event will encourage the community to come together and openly discuss the reality of the book and its contents

The event is free to attend but RSVPs are appreciated. All participants are encouraged to speak their mind in respect to other participants

For more information, www.facebook.com/BCSBridge/ and follow BCS Be the Bridge on Twitter @BCSbridge.