Saturday: Bake With Blue Baker During Bread Bakers Guild of America Open House

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October 16, 2012
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October 17, 2012

Reserve a place at one of several behind-the-scenes tours and opportunities to bake with Blue Baker’s artisan bakers during Saturday’s Bread Bakers Guild of America open house.As a member of the Bread Bakers Guild of America, Blue Baker is partnering with the Bakers Guild to host an open house Saturday, October 20, at original Dominik location, 201 Dominik Drive in College Station. This is the second year Blue Baker has participated in this international event where BBGA selects member bakeries to host open houses on the same day around the world to promote artisan baking in their respective communities. 

The events are free and open to the public, however Blue Baker requests anyone is interested in participating in the events RSVP by end of day Wednesday, October 17, by email at or by calling (979) 220-0222.

Saturday’s Open House Schedule

3am: Baking demomonstration for interested (extremely interested!) people who arrive at 3am and bake with the bakers who begin their work at 2am! They’ll get a behind the scenes look at how everything is baked early to be fresh when Blue Baker opens at 7am. Coffee will be handed out!

10am: Children’s bakery tour. The tour will provide a chance for children of all ages to learn about artisan baking and shape a loaf of challah dough, which will be available for pick up later that day.

1pm: Adult bakery tour. The tour will go on while Blue Baker bakers are shaping and mixing. Plenty of goodies to eat, too. 

3pm: Lamination demonstration. Blue Baker will demonstrate how they make the delicious croissants and other laminated pastries totally from scratch, and of course, serve some fresh croissants.