Publisher’s Desk: Double issue double take

Smile For the Arts: Arts Council Brazos Valley & Behind the Lens of the Arts Issue
August 31, 2012
Comedy Night Featuring Scott Kennedy at The Village
September 1, 2012







Welcome to the first issue of Insite Magazine published in cooperation with Interactive. Yes, something is definitely different about this issue: two covers; two areas of focus with half devoted to the Arts and the other highlighting what Aggies will see when they travel to road games in the SEC.

September is traditionally the month we preview the fall art schedules and the heady gridiron goings on so you can plan your fall, football and local flavor all in one issue. It’s all here, but with a new look and a new way to really get inside the local art scene.

Over a Golden Mocha at The Village Downtown a few months back, Kristy Petty shared her original vision for the café, one that included an arts website that served as a local clearing house of all things arts: from venues and performers to visual artists and their wares. The other component was an arts magazine. Her vision sounded like a richer, more intimate approach, to Insite’s usual fall arts issue. Many mochas later, the Art979 issue of Insite Magazine is ready to illumine local art in ways as yet unseen. Your feedback on this collaborative effort will be most appreciated. – Angelique Gammon was launched so that artists, art hosts, and art lovers could come together in one place. We want to support and promote the local art scene. Why?

Because we love it. We eat, breathe, and sleep art, and we want to share it with anyone and everyone who wants to do the same.

We hope that you use to discover places to go, shows to watch, music to sing, things to buy, people to discuss the world with and pretty things to see. Use the blogs to learn more about the people who make this community great. Use the forum to meet a new friend, share your favorite event, or give a review of a show you just saw. Use the site to meet artists like yourself, to collaborate and to inspire one another. Use it to make our art community stronger everyday.

The companion to is this publication produced in partnership with Insite Magazine, featuring a wide range of artists encompassing a broad spectrum of art. With paper and ink, we hope to provide art lovers with a peek inside each artist’s world or art venue for a deeper understanding of the local art community.

Thank you for checking out We hope that you will continue to share art, buy art, support art, and above all, love art. – Kristy Petty