Lights, Camera, Spa Night: 2nd Annual Halloween Party Celebrates Med Spa’s First Anniversary

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October 29, 2017
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By Megan Rodriguez

Spooky met glamour at the Artisan’s Rejuvenation Med Spa Halloween celebration on Oct. 24.

The one-of-a-kind center opened its doors to the community for food, raffles, and live demonstrations of procedures they offer. The event doubled as a second annual Halloween party and first anniversary celebration of the spa opening.

The medical spa has a goal that is unlike any other business of its kind, according to Jennifer Pocurull the owner and operator of Artisan’s Rejuvenation.

“We offer state of the art treatments and services to the Brazos Valley,” says Pocurull. “We are pretty much the only medical spa in town with that kind of mission to bring the latest and the greatest here to town.”

Artisan’s also takes pride in their unique approach to treating their clients says Medical Director Dr. Ricardo Pocurull.

“We take the approach of synergy,” says Dr. Pocurull. “Rather than taking one individual treatment or type of treatment, people get their best results when they combine them. Treatments that have different modalities, [for example] combining something that stimulates collagen with something that promotes resurfacing with something that nourishes the skin has a better result than doing any of those alone.”

During the event there was a live demonstration of a HydroFacial, a treatment which exfoliates and nourishes the skin with different serums. Lead Aesthetician Amber Pierce conducted the demonstration and was also the staff member who started the annual Halloween party one year ago.

“I really love Halloween,” Pierce says. “I love dressing up and having an excuse to be expressive with everyone and people not feeling guilty to dress up and be whoever they want to be.”

At Artisan’s, patients are encouraged to take a broad approach to solve problems rather than relying strictly on conventional methods.

“I do a lot of things that integrate lasers, therapeutic treatments, and even holistic treatments,” says Pierce. “We try to focus on nutrition and ‘eating your health’ because what you have on the inside you can see on your skin. We’re going to be expanding more into that later and doing IVs and even holistic and nutrition recommendations like recipes.”

Throughout the night, raffle tickets were drawn for spa specials, gift bags, and more. In addition to a fun time of celebration, the night gave attendees the opportunity to help a local community member. Shay Moreno is a friend of the Pocurull’s who was recently diagnosed with stage two cancer. In order to help the family pay for their medical expenses, $40 raffle tickets for a David Gardner’s Loved Pendant were sold. Winners of the drawing will be announced on Nov. 18.

Pocurull says the goal of the event is not only to celebrate the upcoming holiday and Artisan’s anniversary, but to educate the public about the cutting edge services their business offers.

“Some of [the treatments] are really hard for people to grasp,” says Pocurull. “We can actually do skin tightening. We can do it to such a great extent that many people can forgo a facelift and avoid surgery.”

The event was an effective way for the spa to inform the public about their various services, according to College Station community member Karen Bigley.

“I like [tonight’s event] because it’s a great way to introduce people who haven’t ever been to a skin rejuvenation medical spa like this,” Bigley says.