First Friday: Dressed to the Nines

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January 29, 2013
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January 29, 2013


Join the Downtown Bryan camaraderie at First Friday and  -just for fun- go “dressed to the nines.” Here is an excuse to wear your holiday party clothes, that bridesmaid dress in the back of your closet, or have some fun with kitschy thrift store or Junk Gypsy style. Here’s some inspiration for what to wear:

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Show Your Love- Give a Flower at First Friday to support the Distributed Urban Farming Initiative

On February 14th, DUFi wants Downtown Bryan to be our Valentine. Downtown Bryan is an extremely unique place full of thriving businesses, wonderful people, and it just exudes a great feeling of community. The Distributed Urban Farming Initiative (DUFi) wants to show our love and appreciation in the form of the classic carnation. We want to give residents a chance to say, “Be Mine” as well so we will set up two tables during February’s First Friday (February 1st) selling carnations. Everyone is encouraged to a buy carnation, write a love note, and dedicate them to their favorite Downtown business or person. Sales will continue until Valentine’s Day and can be made in the Old Federal Building by the SEAD Gallery. The proceeds will go to the DUFi gardens but the love will be felt by all. 

One of the tables will be located at West 26th Street and North Main Street and the other will be sitting right in front of The Village Cafe. 

DUFi is part of Advent GX’s approach to creating sustainable economic development solutions for communities by using innovation and entrepreneurship in support of cultural and heritage preservation. By partnering with existing organizations and creating gardens with multiple uses, Advent GX is building a model that can be replicated in other rural and under-served communities.

The DUFi approach makes use of underutilized or vacant lots by distributing gardens in, and around Historic Downtown Bryan. In doing so, Advent GX hopes to help preserve the character of downtown, offer a unique experience and provide easy access to information and demonstrations about growing healthy food. The first demonstration garden is located in the Garden Patio of the Federal Building where Advent GX owns and operated the Innovation Underground.