BVSO Announces Endowment Efforts and Challenge Grant Opportunity From Clearfield Family

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The Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra quietly began its permanent endowment fund efforts in 2015 with a plan to eventually reach One Million Dollars in gifts and pledges by 2020. At the BVSO’s October concert, the BVSO went public with the endowment fund drive having reached one-third of the million-dollar goal.

Simultaneously, two matching grant opportunities were announced from The Clearfield Family in honor of Ruth Clearfield, challenging donors to match a $50,000 gift by Dec. 31, 2016 and match a $20,000 gift by Feb. 19. The BVSO is proud to report that $50,000 was raised by the Dec. 31 deadline and the organization is now working on reaching the $20,000 goal by the Feb. 19 symphony concert that is being presented in Ruth’s honor and memory.

“This is such exciting news to report—and a great big thank you is earned by all who played such an important part in making this dream become a reality,” said Gaines West, Brazos Valley Symphony Society Board Member and Endowment Committee Chair. “This means with the Clearfield family matching money, combined with our cash donations, we are now $100,000 closer to our $1 million Endowment goal!” continued Mr. West.

The BVSO would like to extend an invitation to all in the community to help in matching this second opportunity for another $20,000 from the Clearfield Family grant challenge by the Feb. 19 deadline. A strong endowment ensures there is an enduring source of funding for immediate and future needs of this Brazos Valley treasure—the BVSO. Endowments grow over time to create a legacy of education, culture, and artistic development as they extend the impact of the donor’s generosity beyond a lifetime. The investment income from the BVSO Permanent Endowment will provide a foundation for great symphonic music to continue in the Brazos Valley for the next generation and beyond.

“Thank you to the Clearfield family for creating such energy in our Endowment giving. Ruth is now such a big part of all we are doing. We can’t think of a better way to further realize her great and lasting legacy for the BVSO. Thank you to the whole Clearfield family for making our Endowment goal more achievable,” said West. “We only have about six weeks to complete this new challenge, but it is lower in amount and just as doable. Won’t you please consider helping us match this cash challenge? Remember, the $20,000 that we raise, gets doubled by the Clearfield family,” continued West.

Endowment giving levels range from $1 to over $100,000 and can be given in cash, securities or other assets, or pledged via wills, trusts, retirement plans, or insurance beneficiary designation. Please contact the Symphony Office for more information on giving options at (979) 696-6100. Gifts can be mailed to: Brazos Valley Symphony Society Endowment Fund, P. O. Box 3524, Bryan, TX 77805. Please designate by check memo for Endowment Fund or Clearfield Challenge to insure that your contribution is channeled appropriately.

The BVSO is a non-profit performing arts organization with the mission to maintain a symphony of high artistic standards, and to promote the musical arts for cultural and education purposes in the Brazos Valley. For more information about the Symphony’s 2016-2017 Season, please visit the Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra Web site at The BVSS wishes to recognize and thank their programming sponsors, grant funding providers, and charitable trust contributors: Nina Astin Winkler Charitable Trusts, The Ham Family Trust, Eugene Edge III Charitable Trust, Gilbert & Thyra Plass Arts Foundation, and Gilbert & Thyra Plass Charitable Trust