Bryan/College Station Habitat for Humanity Provides “A Brush with Kindness”

July 2016
June 20, 2016
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June 21, 2016

On Saturday, June 18, Bryan/College Station Habitat for Humanity held their “A Brush with Kindness” event in College Station. Over 20 volunteers from Texas A&M University’s Medical School and Girl Scout Troop 9036 worked to provide College Station homeowner Eula Taylor with landscaping, painting, and yard services. Afterwards, the staff and volunteers extended their services to neighborhood cleanup in the McCullough neighborhood, which contains 18 Habitat homeowners. For this event, Habitat for Humanity partnered with the Nina Asten Winkler Charitable Foundation for the home improvement services with donations from Lowes, and Keep Brazos Beautiful aided in the street cleanup.

Although B/CS Habitat has done other beautification projects in the area, this is their first “A Brush with Kindness” Event. “A Brush With Kindness” focuses specifically on performing much-needed renovations for existing homes, and helping them to maintain functionality and curb appeal. “A lot of times, it’s hard for families to keep up their property once they purchase it. It’s hard to budget for little things, so little things are left by the wayside,” Development Assistant Ashley Burk says. “This is a way to give curb appeal to the houses, to help the community realize that taking care of your home is just as important as having it, and we want to be there to help. We want to make sure the houses continue to be livable over time.”

Habitat staff expressed their hopes that the event would generate interest for other homeowners who could use help achieving needed maintenance on their homes. “We’re hoping to do more projects like this, all over the neighborhood as well as in College Station,” says Burk. “We’re trying to gauge interest for the projects and see if anyone is interested in donating.”

“A Brush with Kindness” is also a way for B/CS Habitat to show their support for the homeowners of College Station in ways that extend past their well-known building services. This is especially important because of some inherent difficulties in providing those services. In recent years, the price of land in College Station has risen exponentially. Because of this, only 28 of BCS Habitat’s 266 houses have been built in College Station. “We’re primarily building in Bryan,” says Marketing Coordinator Maggie Dunham. “The cost of land has really prevented us from building in College Station, so I think that it’s important that we let College Station know that ‘hey, we’re still here! We still want to support you and your residents, and just do something to give back.’”

For more information on this event or for more information on benefiting from B/CS Habitat for Humanity’s home preservation efforts, contact Julie Gurnon in their development office at (979) 823-7200 ext 110, or visit