Brazos Valley Comic Con: Everything You Need to Know

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By Maggie Pruitt

4x1a6108Brazos Valley Comic Con is coming back for its second appearance in Bryan/College Station on Nov. 5 and 6 at the Brazos County Expo. The Village Café, among others, is sponsoring this year’s Comic Con, which will feature many special guests including Chester Rushing from the hit Netflix show Stranger Things.

“We wanted to bring in a good Comic Con – our own homegrown comic con,” says founder and co-owner of the Brazos Valley Comic Con, Ben Fritzsching.

Ben Fritzsching and his wife Krystal, the event coordinator, have been going to Comic Cons for some time and know that there is nothing else like the Comic Con in B/CS. “Expect fun. Expect to be entertained and walk away with some awesome memories,” says Krystal. “[What sets us apart is] we add a personal touch and don’t treat our attendees just as a number or ticket.”

If you’re new to this kind of event, Fritzsching offers his advice. “People should know that most celebrities charge for their autograph,” he says. When planning this Comic Con, Ben and Krystal wanted to be sure there was something for everyone.

“There’s an ‘80s prom that’s taking place, and the best costume gets a prize. There’s even a mini, old-school dance off, so people better know their ‘80s dance moves,” says Krystal. “There are different things hidden on or around booths so that kids can go look for them like a scavenger hunt, and if they win, they get their picture taken. It’s family friendly, not just for adults.”

Because they’ve been going to comic cons for so long, Ben and Krystal keep the vendors and artists in mind. For example, Gumby’s will be catering lunch for the vendors so they don’t have to leave their booths and lose business, says Krystal.

Vendors interested in being at Brazos Valley Comic Con have to pay a one-time fee of $85 for a 10-foot-by-10-foot booth; the fee is $225 for a corner vendor or $175 for an inline vendor booth for both days. Vendors can sell many different things such as comic books, memorabilia, t-shirts, toys, posters, craftwork, art, glassware, and more.

Comic Con will also feature special guests including Chester Rushing, Caleb McLaughlin, and Chelsea Talmadge of Stranger Things, comic book artist Sara Richard, and actress Megan Cavanagh, among others. Chester Rushing will also be playing a free show on First Friday, Nov. 4, from 6pm to 8pm at the Village Café, which is a sponsor of this year’s Comic Con.

“I’ve never sponsored anything before, but this seemed to match my target audience,” says Village Café owner Kristy Petty. “A lot of my clientele enjoy sci-fi, comics, and that kind of art.”

When Petty found out that Chester Rushing was also a singer-songwriter, it seemed like a good fit for him to perform at the Café as well as appear at Comic Con.

“[Comic Con] is a fun part of counter culture in America,” says Petty.

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