Brazos County Sheriff’s Office Wants Women to Stay SHARP

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Register now for a free Sexual Assault Prevention class provided by the Brazos County Sheriff’s office.August 15-16, the Brazos County Sherrif’s Office will present SHARP, a free Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention class for women only. “Every single female needs to take that class in my opinion,” says Amy Reed, executive director of Keep Brazos Beautiful. “I took it, and they just do an incredible job.” The class was started two years ago when the Twilight Rapist was at large, attacking women in the rural communities. 

“Now we’ve got it as a monthly class,” says Ed Frank, crime prevention officer and class instructor. 

The six-hour class is divided into two nights. It is entirely free, covered by the Brazos County Sherrif’s office, and it is free. The first class is a lecture on survival stress (how to deal with your body under attack) and how to prevent a dangerous situation; then the class moves into sexual harrassment in general, in the work place and just in everyday life.

The second night is hands-on assault and defense. At the end of the second class, there will be an overview of the lecture, and then the last hour of the class the instructors will put on a padded suit and practice taking on an actor in a real-life scenario. “We want eveyone to leave the class feeling confident they will be able to defend themselves,” says Frank. 

“No one ever expects to be attacked, but it’s best to have the infomation on how to defend yourself and not need to than to need to and not have it. It’s also two fun nights out with the girls of the Brazos Valley,” finishes Frank. When asked what has been the general feedback of the class, Frank explains that they’ve had students come back saying they feel a lot more confident about defending themselves, and that alone will deter an offense. “It’s all about having the self confidence and postures to defend yourself.” 

Frank explains that if there is a group of women who would like to attend the class but for whatever reason can’t, they can call the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office to schedule a class. “We just like to be told ahead of time because this is all on our after hours,” explains Frank. 

The class will be held August 15 & 16 from 6pm to 9pm and is for women only. Pre-registration is required. In order to pre-register, contact Ed Frank by e-mail at or phone (979) 361-4906. For the first day of class come dressed as you wish. Instructions on what to wear for the second class will be given at the end of the first class. 

The training is in the Brazos County Sheriff’s training room at 1835 Sandy Point Rd, Bryan.