Brazos County Master Gardeners’ 2016 Garden Tour

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April 19, 2016
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April 19, 2016

The Brazos County Master Gardeners’ Association will host the 2016 Garden Tour, “Beyond the Garden Gate”, on Saturday, April 23, from 9am until 3pm. The tour features three private gardens – Wildlife Habitat and Garden, Rescue Garden of Hidden Dimensions, and Sanctuary Rose Garden – and the Master Gardener Demonstration Idea Garden.

Beyond the Garden Gate
Beyond the Garden Gate is a world of beauty and imagination. It begins with the soil. Made by nature and enriched by human hands, the soil holds life–giving moisture and nutrients and forms the foundation of the habitats that give food to all. Humans find sustenance in the produce, delight in the flowers, and find peacefulness in the form and structure of the garden. Hopefully the tour will inspire you to build and maintain a garden populated with your own unique selection of garden plants. Colors and textures in diverse profusion, a feast for eyes, a meal to nourish, a place to rest the heart and find sanctuary from busy lives… All these and more can be found when you nurture the garden as home.

The Demonstration Idea Garden
“The DIG,” the garden created and maintained by local Master Gardeners, is located at 2619 HWY 21 West, Bryan. It contains raised beds of perennials, annuals, herbs, vines, vegetables, and the new Butterfly Garden. Dedicated gardens demonstrate the benefit of integrating the elements of Earth­Kind® landscaping practices to achieve maximum garden and landscape health and beauty while preserving and protecting the environment. Come in beyond the garden gate to observe, listen, and learn. Open to the public at no charge daily.

Wildlife Habitat and Garden
This 5.5 acre property, located at 10100 White’s Creek Rd. in College Station, is certified as a Wildlife Habitat and Monarch Waystation (National Wildlife Federation); a Texas Wildscape and Best of Texas Backyard Habitat (Texas Parks and Wildlife); and a Butterfly Garden (North American Butterfly Association). The homeowner has augmented the natural setting with native Texas plant species selected to entice and sustain local and transient wildlife with food, water, and shelter. This quiet, peaceful garden brings the natural world right up to the porches that surround the log house nestled in the oak forest.  Earth­Kind® best practices of rainwater diversion, capture, and composting are highlights of this suburban oasis, which nurtures both nature and the human spirit.

The Rescue Garden of Hidden Dimensions
The Rescue Garden of Hidden Dimensions, located at 3927 Hawk Owl Cove in College Station, demonstrates the infinite dimensions possible in a small garden created from discounted plants lovingly resuscitated by the gardener. Hundreds of plants grow in a riotous beauty that brings joy to the beholder. Plants can be seen at many vertical levels and raised beds are framed by white stones. Water features and soft night lighting are embedded into garden environments. With careful nurturing in winter, the gardener has successfully grown an abundance of subtropical and potted tropical plants, rewarding visitors with a splash of leaf and flower colors and textures through most of the year.

Sanctuary Rose Garden
Taking inspiration from Europe and Savannah, Georgia, the homeowner of this garden, located at 4605 Oakmont Circle in College Station, has designed a tranquil, rose-filled, walled sanctuary, using classical elements of symmetry, structure, and stone.  Roses, emblematic in Catholicism, predominate, but under, above, and through the canes is a rich diversity of plants, including fruit trees and hard-to-grow specimens of camellia and hydrangea.  A six-foot statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel surmounts the Italianate fountain at center stage.  Bricked and gravel paths lead past the statue to roses and clematis climbing the fences.  A compact vegetable garden is tucked in next to the rain capture system that waters the yard by means of drip irrigation.

Ticket Information
Advanced tickets may be purchased between March 21 and April 22 online at or at the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Office located at 2619 Hwy. 21 W, Bryan. They may also be purchased on-site at any of the gardens on April 23rd, the day of the tour. Tickets are $15 for adult admittance to all gardens. There is no charge for children under 12 years of age with a ticketed adult. Tickets purchased at the Extension Office or those purchased on-site at any garden on April 23rd must be paid by cash or check only.

Rain Date
In the event the tour is canceled due to weather, check on the day of the tour for information. The rain/re-scheduled date is April 30.