21st Annual “You’re the Tops!” Luncheon

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March 27, 2015
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By Cassidy Tyrone

The 21st Annual “You’re the Tops!” Luncheon will recognize some of the best and brightest women in Brazos Valley for their charitable service.

The luncheon will be held April 25 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the College Station Hilton. Tickets are $40, available until April 17.

“These women work really hard to make Brazos Valley a better place to live in all sorts of ways,” says Committee Member Sharon Stewart. “I’m very proud to know these women. I am in awe every year.”

This year’s luncheon is expected to pack the ballroom while honoring 12 women who serve others. Nominated by the community, committee members must make the difficult choice of selecting honorees.

“We look for diversity in both the women and in the work that they do,” says Stewart. “These women are selfless. They go out and do what they do because they want to. It enriches the community. It is so important to say ‘Thank you’ and recognize them.”

Proceeds benefit the Bryan/College Station Prenatal Clinic. Last year’s luncheon raised $80,000. The net proceeds accounted for 10 percent of the clinic’s operating budget.

“The impact [of the luncheon] is huge,” says Stewart. “This is the major source of fundraising for the clinic.”

Since opening in 1986, the Prenatal Clinic has served more than 12,500 women. Many of these women would have otherwise received no prenatal care. Relying on the services of trained health practitioners and volunteers, the clinic provides accessible and affordable prenatal healthcare, health education, social work, and postpartum care. The clinic aims to reduce illness and death associated with the prenatal and perinatal periods, specifically by decreasing the number of low birth-rate infants and the rate of infant mortality.

Today, more than 15 percent of expecting mothers in Brazos County have received services at the Prenatal Clinic. Due to the clinic’s outstanding care, Brazos County transformed from having one of the worst records for perinatal and infant mortality rates to having one of the best records in Texas.

“Now that the clinic is 30 years old, we have babies now that are adults starting productive lives because they got a great start,” says Stewart.

For reservation and ticket information, call Executive Director of the Prenatal Clinic Lynn Clary Yeager at (979) 595-1783.


21st Annual “You’re the Tops!” Luncheon


April 25, 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.


College Station Hilton


Tickets $40, Call Lynn Clary Yeager at (979) 595-1783