About Us

05_06_2014+cover+thumbnailInsite Magazine features monthly stories about local people and places with the goal of making it easy to find dates, details and other important “how to” information for enjoying life here in the  Brazos Valley.

Not everyone likes change. No worries. WE REALLY ENJOY HEARING WHAT YOU LIKE – AND LOATHE – ABOUT EACH ISSUE. It’s how we know a diverse cross-section of business owners  and shoppers, moms and dads, grandparents and grandkids ARE ACTUALLY READING Insite Magazine.

As Insite’s publisher, the question I have been ASKED MOST OFTEN over the last 25 years is: How do I get something in Insite Magazine? The short answer is: You just have to GET IN TOUCH and for events, you have to MAKE  OUR MONTHLY DEADLINE.

I can’t guarantee every story idea will make it  into print. But if you know about a local person or group that  contributes to the QUALITY OF LIFE we enjoy, and you’re wondering why Insite has never written about it, tell me about it.

You can CALL or EMAIL with a brief description. I rely on people around the Brazos Valley to let me know what’s new, what’s interesting and what’s  important so that Insite can let everyone else know. Insite’s MONTHLY DEADLINE is always the 5th of the month preceding publication date. If you want to suggest a feature story, I need to know at least six weeks in advance of an attraction or event.

DEADLINE for our Wake-Up to the Weekend Possibilities e-newsletter is 10am Mondays before the newsletter goes out every Wednesday at 6:15am. Don’t receive the weekly e-newsletter? Sign up at the top right of this page; it’s FREE!

It’s that simple.

Thank you for your interest in Insite!

Angelique Gammon